High speed train attack in domestic transportation from Kazakhstan

Located among the countries with the world's largest surface area, Kazakhstan is beginning to use the high-speed train to save time in domestic transportation.
Kazakhstan plans to minimize the loss of time by reducing 2 times of intercity journey time with fast train transportation which will start this year.
Kazakhstan will launch its first high-speed train between Aktöbe and Astana. In December this year, the time between the two cities will be reduced to 26 hours on the high speed train that will be on the tracks.
After the Aktöbe-Astana line, which will start this year, Astana-Atırau and Almaty-Atırau flights are planned to start in 2013. Astana-Kızılorda, Almaty-Aktöbe line will be launched in 2014 in the high-speed train system combining the metropolitan cities of the country. In the 2015, in the 2015 it will connect the cities of Leninogorsk and Zaşita in 13. It was learned that the high-speed train consisted of 200 wagons and speeded XNUMX per hour.

Source : www.dunyabulteni.net

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 21:55

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