Training for Rise Training for Station Chief, Traffic Controller, Warehouse Treasurer, Facility Surveyor, Road Surveyor

Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Administration and Staff Subsidiaries pursuant to Title Change Promotion and Regulation; Station Supervisor, Traffic Controller, Warehouse Treasurer, Facility Surveyor, Road Surveyor for the promotion of higher education is expected to be opened.
1-) Upgrading training deadline 03.09.2012 Respectively.
2-) The conditions to be searched for the conditions to be taken for the promotion training are included in the order annexes. Personnel carrying the conditions of appointment can apply for only one title.
3-) Application for personnel who wishes to participate in the promotion training at the application deadline as of the application deadline and fill out the application form to DUTIES OF DUTIES TO DUTY TRAINING by the person directly or by the mail to the Human Resources Department 06330 Gar ANKARA. Applications to be made by mail will be registered and will be given to the post on the latest 03.09.2012. (If a special education or in-service training is requested under the assignment conditions of the title to be included in the training, the documents related to them and the awards and photocopies of foreign language documents will be added.)
4-) Human Resources Department; will evaluate the applications for ascent training in accordance with the PERSONAL ASSESSMENT FORM included in the annex to the General Regulation on the Principles of Promotion and Title Change in Public Institutions and Institutions and will publish their applications as accepted and not listed. After evaluating the objections to the announced lists, the exact personnel lists to be included in the promotion training will be announced on our Company's website.
5-) The place and date of the upbringing training shall be announced by the Department of Education to the participants who attend the training at least 15 days before the date of the training.
6-) Public Institutions in the Promotion and Change of Title of the Republic of Turkey with the General Regulation on the Principles of the State Railways Headquarters and Subsidiaries Staff Promotion and Change of Title Regulation "... the deadline, the last day of the period between the date of examination used annual leave ..." As the provision is included, the training and examination of the personnel determined to use annual leave within the said periods shall be considered invalid. In addition, the training and examination of the staff determined later shall be deemed invalid.
7-) Personnel who are entitled to be appointed as a result of the promotion exam; in order of success, one of the declared establishments will be appointed according to their preference. The transfer request of these personnel for at least one year shall not be accepted.
Assignments of those who succeeded in the promotion, those who resigned from the assignment, or who did not start in the assignment places, and the results of the examination will be canceled.
8-) This Order will also be published on our Company's website ( The order will be announced to all personnel by the workplace supervisor. Also; work place billboards, entry-exit doors, evidences, social facilities and other places where staff can see.
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