Aziz Kocaoglu spoke about metro and tram projects.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu talked about metro and tram projects which have been busy for years. Not giving time in the subway President Kocaoglu taramvay for projects, "the public needs to cook a little more," he said.
Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu answered the questions of journalists before going on holiday. Evaluating the issues related to the agenda, Chairman Kocaoglu, Izmir, the main hub of transportation of metro and rail system projects talked about.
President Kocaoğlu, who said his ideas about Üçyol-Üçkuyular Metro Line, which could not be completed for many years, stated that he would not give a date. Expressing that the line will be finished in the near future, Kocaoglu said, b Everything is over. The subject we most deal with is the municipality. The man who finished the 80-kilometer Aliaga-Menderes Line will also finish him when the time comes. Now, brother. You're under the ground. Everything's coming out. You don't know what you're going to encounter while work is in progress. Metro work is a progressive work to solve the problem. One meter remains, something is going on. And then you say, "Come on, it's his project." Then we're guessing that. You are looking for a solution who knows. Does he know Dutch, he knows American? Such a job. Our subway work will end without accident. Metropolitan Municipality did not throw towels in this business. The tender was canceled. We went to the new tender. We've been out once again. Together with our team, we are constantly working to end this business. This is the duty of the municipality. We're doing this too. We're working for that. Not if we give time. Then the work does not end in the given time again, the time has gone, while the shortage came, iş he said.
Konak Tram and Karşıyaka Talking about tram projects, Kocaoğlu said that the State Planning Organization has not approved the tram projects yet. The Konak Tramway KarşıyakaKocaoglu said that it will start before, “Mr. Binali (Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications) watching the match I talked about the Konak Tram. I told him without asking. He said they will handle it as soon as possible..
Mayor Kocaoglu also answered the question 'Is there a revision in the tram project?' Kocaoğlu said, piş The tram issue needs to be cooked in public. The location of the tramway is easy to manufacture, too. There are objections and thoughts about the route. Now there are 'Mithatpaşa get'. Then there is also those who say 'get a coast'. We need some time to get some work in our head. We don't have any trouble with our money. We also do not have the problem of expropriation on the routes to the tram. In the middle of what we have done so far, Bugün he said.
Mayor Kocaoğlu also gave information about the route and shape of Konak Tramway. Kocaoglu, the same Istanbul, located between the Topkapi-Eminonu, and a road pass through the tram, said the project will be like. Kocaoğlu also said that the vehicle and people will pass from the place where a tram with a speed of 30 per hour will pass. Kocaoglu, kes already a lot of the project is not cut our way to our train. No obstacle comes to Konak. 13 mileage for city center trolley won't bother you in the city center where it doesn't cut a proper place. It does not interrupt the coastal connection. Now, at the 7 meter wide, the 30 will cut the tram to speed the kilometer ?. The big part is going out of the existing roads. That's an advantage. The traffic of Şehitler Street is appropriate. There is a railroad, there are also two departures. No protection tape. It's not a divided road. A project is not easy to sit. Serious and something to consider. Bir
Reminding that trees with unregistered trees, such as mulberry trees, will be cut where the project passes, President Kocağlu said, ağaç Yahu is the tree bulunan. Izmir, me 'Poet Ashraf Boulevard mulberry trees are going, making the tram' says, and I do not respect. If we run a little, we can take the mulberry trees off the coast and close the whole road. We can use it like a straw. Let me tell you a wolf and a sheep story. The wolf and the sheep were drinking water from the flowing water. Even though the wolf is on the upper side of the sheep, she has said to the bay that you are koy gettin 'my water Kurt. Now the sheep is stimulated by the wolf even though it is on the bottom side of the running water. The rationale is that the water is clouded. If the wolf wants to eat the lamb is an intention, as it is not something to say it already.
Mayor Alioğlu-Menderes Line, operated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Turkish State Railways (TCDD), has changed many things in Izmir. He added that TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman was interested in the issue and added: ğ Now, for the first time, 155 has done business with another institution. He's working. TCDD is a unique institution. Aliağa Menderes is still crawling. Let İZBAN finance the investments. The only institution that will increase the passenger in İzban is the Metropolitan Municipality itself. The municipality can pump passengers by designing their transportation, bus routes and times as they wish. I'm raising as much as I can now. Today, the number of passengers Xnumx thousand. We'll be back in a month
250 is a thousand passengers. Over time. I am very pleased with our relationship with TCDD, which we have been working so far. TCDD example not only in Izmir, Turkey made a project. Aliaga-Menderes Turkey is the only project, "he said.

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