The orders of the colonial governors

Year 1996. The World Bank 'report on Turkey' is preparing instructions by name. They're giving the government of time. But they're not sending. 'We're the governor' palms in, they come to Turkey, in Ankara instructions're not telling authorities they face.
'Efendi and the commander could not explain exactly, we have been missing' saying, they are coming to Turk-Is.
Turk-Is, 'instructions to the executives to say and not enough to give the report' saying, by taking the Turkish-business managers are also taking a press conference, they say aloud.
The colonial governor who speaks… The owner of the house sitting next to him is the leaders of the workers' organization whose members he wants to crush and destroy.
The orders of the colonial governor
The instructions are about the liquidation of the state, the destruction of national institutions and the enslavement of employees. They say,
Reduce personnel expenses and civil servant salaries. Reduce the number of employees in the public sector.
Remove agricultural supports.
Buy ETİBANK, VAKIFBANK, REAL ESTATE BANK and T. DEVELOPMENT BANK. (Today, there is no one left behind from these banks.) HALKBANK and ZİRAAT BANK's profitable enterprises and assets buy. Buy TEKEL, TMO, TZDK, Sugar Factories, Çaykur, THY, TELEKOM, TÜPRAŞ, BOTAŞ, TTK, TDÇİ and TZDK and gradually dispose of them.
End the system of Tax Returns, Compulsory Savings and Housing Assistance
Increase the retirement age to 62, the premium payment period to 30, apply immediately.
In energy-transport and communication, switch to build-operate-transfer / build-operate-have.
Remove state guarantee in deposits '' (Privatization for whom -s. 44-45 / Petrol-Business Publications)
The managers of Türk-İş do mopping under their feet there. It doesn't come out there, or later.
You will also sell railways
There were also Railways within the World Bank's instructions; , You will sell the manufacturing units and transportation services of TCDD, you will continue the maintenance of the railway network. “
The colonial governor is not just the World Bank. IMF and OECD. They also have commandments, Governments, they give account.
The orders are from a single center, from the colonial kings, the USA and the EU.
The kings did not content with the governors, and they took over the administration. The European Union gave instructions in person.
Let's see what they want from the TCDD in one of the instructions: el In terms of railway, the current legislation is very limited. The first studies to harmonize railway sector with the acquis, TCDD's reconstruction, especially financially ports and railways of separation, railways should focus on opening up to competition in the transport of goods in the market. "(EU COMMISSION TO TURKEY REPORT / 6 October 2004)
Colonial report with the decision of the Assembly
Governments report their actions to both colonial governors and kings.
The DSP-MHP-ANAP Government received the support of CHP and DYP in the 2002 and reported to the EU as a 'National Program' with the decision of the Assembly. For TCDD there is the following:
“The Project in 1996 stipulates providing administrative autonomy to the organization, organizing on a business unit basis in order to operate with commercial focus in transportation services, clearing the structure with vertical integration and ensuring private sector participation in the sector. Railways require a new institutional structure. … We are making legal regulations for foreign transporters to be able to transport within our borders… ”.
Now the AKP has prepared a draft law to sell the Railways. He's signing the ministers.
The draft is as requested by the World Bank and the EU.

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