The Hejaz Railway from the Ottoman Empire to the Present

Kastamonu'nın 1900 1908 and Damascus and Medina was built between the Hicaz Railway, which came into service with the greatest support Kastamonu'nun appeared.
Kastamonu, one of the biggest projects in the last period of the Ottoman Empire and 1900 1908 8 years between the Damascus and Medina was built between the Hicaz Railway which was put into service by the greatest support Kastamonu'nun appeared.
Mustafa Gezici, Researcher and Teacher, proved this with various documents and photographs he obtained through his own efforts. Researcher Mustafa Gezici, Hijaz Railway during the Ottoman Empire in the 1880'li years II. Noting that he was raised by Abdulhamid, d Our Prophet Muhammad. Muhammad (pbuh) has a sheriff. 'Whoever visits my pardon, my intercession will vacillate him' he says. This hadith from the sheriff, starting from Istanbul Hejaz Railway, Iraq, Syria, Jerusalem, Libya and Saudi Arabia was tried to be delivered to the land, Bu he said.
Hicaz Railroad transportation between Istanbul and the holy land and the pilgrims to Mecca and Medina to explain the purpose of this trip was intended to explain the Gezici, said: olduğun Hijaz Railway construction bridge and culvert 2666, seven iron bridges, nine tunnels, 96 station, seven ponds , 37 water tank, two hospitals and three workshops. This project II. It is a project that Abdulhamid Han started with as my old dream. At that time, the German ambassador says: "No one in his right mind can or cannot do this project." In his report to his country, he says.
1 1900 1908 8 664 1 150 288 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XVIX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX . Sacrifice skins are actually collected in the hicaz railway. It was greeted with great cheer at the stations opened first. Ottoman Empire, it can not do, can not succeed. However, XNUMX XNUMX miles in the normal conditions of the railway is made, the Prophet's sheriff with the sheriff of this XNUMX kilometers found. Abdülhamid said this already. It is said that Allah and His Messenger are our helpers, and indeed it has been. Baş
Gezin said that this road appeared as one of the reasons for World War I and said: şartlar It has reached 1 kilometers in those conditions in desert conditions and 288 has been using 1908 for the year from 1918 to 10. In sending the soldiers, the rebellion of rebels Fahrettin Pasha established the sacred relics of the known works of the Topkapı Palace 40 thousand people were evacuated. Only Medina-i Munevvere is used in this way even today. The width of the rails is 1 meters 5 centimeters.
Gezic said that opening an exhibition in the city of Hajaz on Kastamonu was still hiding these receipts when he wandered some ancient antique dealers. Inda I bought a few receipts from these antique dealers. I started working here. An English writer says, 'We couldn't imagine, they did.' This is such a big project. It still has not lost its importance. Hala
Gezici said that the Hejaz Railway project cost 4 trillion TL, but continued: TL This money came from the Ottoman lands and from many countries from India. For example, India, for this project with the money of that time 40 thousand pounds have helped. Such Muslim countries have sent help. The Sultan himself started this project with a thousand pounds 50.
Many help has gone from Kastamonu. Looking at the receipts
Kastamonulular the most help. For example, in the 3 dime receipt seen here, someone from Mehmet of Kurdeşe village of Kuzyaka district of Kastamonu helped. 1 is the donation of the Yanukzadas from Sarıömer to Gölköye in the penny z
Gezici said that many donators received medals and said: a Nickel, silver and gold. We have a silver medal. As of 1908 year, 3 has been considered a thousand kilometers. It starts in Istanbul, continues to Medina, Medina Münevveren to Mecca. In our country, it is followed by Izmit and Konya from Istanbul. It covers Damascus, Jerusalem, Medina, and Mecca later. Buradan
Until the 1840'li years of pilgrimage worship pointing out that Gezici, said: ib Pilgrimage 6 was reached in a month. So 6 is going months, 6 is coming in the month. It's about a year when you're on pilgrimage. 40 could not go to the age of more than 50. Why is it changed at 4 until you get on the pilgrimage? The bandits that we call today's terrorists in the area are cutting off pilgrims, robbing pilgrims and becoming a profession for Bedouins. Damascus in the Medina-i Münevvere 40 day caravans. This road was reduced to 3 by train. Going on the pilgrimage now is a piece of art. Tents are being set up on their trains. Drinking tea from the samovar. 1700'li, 1800'lerle gravestones as a pilgrim when he passed by the grave stone, while the people of the Prophet's tribute to the reverence of the Prophet's reverence absolutely respected, respected X
Noting that the British could not act as they wanted in the Middle East, Gezici said: hareket Even today the British do not dominate in the Middle East. Today, Americans, that is, the British of the day, to break up Iraq, Saudi Arabia, small states to establish their own purpose as they want to lead. If he could reach out to the caliph and serve the people if he could secure the rate, this would not have been possible. The Ottoman Empire has never persecuted the people within its borders. No Ottoman would settle for such a persecution. But today we see. The event in Syria, its event in Iraq, its event in Libya and the importance of the Hejaz railway are more and more understood. Ahmet Rifat Pasha said: 'The place you can not reach is not your' is a very correct promise. Here the sultan wanted to reach and reached. Abdulhamid Khan made the incident that no one else could even dream of. Doing the projects that other states cannot dream of
important. This is the purpose of the empire. Many states have been established in history. But the number of empires doesn't cross a hand. That's why the British have opposed the Hejaz Railway. But they have not succeeded to some extent. Y
Gezic said that a number of issues were discussed in the past years about Hicaz Railroad, but no steps have been taken yet. Ül The revival of the Hejaz railway is desired. 10 years ago, the train in Medina-i Münevvere was repaired. It was supposed to be repaired. I saw a thesis in Mecca, where I went to Umrah in 2008. He called the Hejaz railway project. A lady named Zeynep from Saudi Arabia built it. He says: 'The master thesis about the Hejaz railway. The last link of the thesis. 'My grandfather made this railway, grandchildren must repair,' he finished. We have such a mission. Of course we have to fulfill this task. With Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Palestine, we can not get any. We are Muslims in our Muslim. All believers are brothers. That's what we have to continue with. If we do not obey this rule, if we do not do the necessity of this verse kerimen, misuse misuse, other states benefit from it. They both use our money and use us. When we pass the date of use, they throw away. As in Syria, as in Syria, as in Iraq. Only the case of Saddam Hussein in Iraq is an example. Gaddafi event is an example. Muslim should not be used. It should not be used with mind ın
Gezici pointed out that the Hijaz Railway was made in a different way than any other railroad in the world so far. Yazar In the Hamidiye Hijaz Railroad, the world has perhaps no debt, no interest payments, and the only it is the railway. This confession that the real virtue is to appreciate the rival 'says.
Gezici said, Bel The love of the prophet is very much in the world. “Kastamonu Municipality supported us. We planned to open the Hijaz Railway exhibition. The opening of the exhibition will be held on 10 August 2012 Friday at 14.30. The exhibition that will bring together some original documents of the Hejaz Railways for the first time will be open to the public at 10-17 August. We are waiting for the whole state office. In Kastamonu, the love of the prophet and the love of the Kaaba are great. We hope to see more exhibitions than we hope. We thought of this on the occasion of Ramadan.

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