Hejaz Railway from Ottoman to Present

It was revealed that Kastamonu gave the greatest support to the Hejaz Railway, which was built between Damascus and Medina between 1900 and 1908.
It was revealed that Kastamonu gave the greatest support to the Hejaz Railway, which was built between Damascus and Medina in the 1900-year period between 1908 and 8, which is one of the biggest projects of the last period of the Ottoman Empire.
Researcher and Teacher Mustafa Gezici proved this with various documents and photos provided by his own efforts. Researcher Mustafa Gezici, II during the Ottoman Empire's period of the Hejaz Railway in the 1880s. Stating that it was put forward by Abdulhamid, he said, “Our Prophet Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) has a hadith sheriff. 'Whoever visits my grave, my intercession will be tempted to him'. Based on this hadith, the Hicaz Railway, which started from Istanbul, was tried to be transported to Iraq, Syria, Jerusalem, Libya and Saudi Arabia. ”
Explaining that the transportation of the Hijaz Railway between Istanbul and the holy lands and the pilgrims going to Mecca and Madinah are aimed to ensure the safety of this route, Gezici said: “2666 masonry bridges and culverts, seven iron bridges, nine tunnels, 96 stations, seven ponds in the construction of Hicaz Railway. 37 water tanks, two hospitals and three workshops were built. This project II. It is a project that Abdulhamid Han started as my old dream. At that time, the German Ambassador says: 'No sane person can do or consider this project.' He says this in the report he sent to his country. ”
Stating that the project, which started on September 1, 1900, reached 1908 kilometers in a short period of 8 years in 664, the Ottoman Empire came to life, and that a rush had occurred in Europe, said: “These apparent receipts are aid receipts collected from Kastamonu and its vicinity. . Sacrificial skins were actually collected on the hejaz railroad. He was greeted with great cheer at the stations that were opened first. The Ottoman Empire was said to be unable to do this job or to succeed. Despite this, while 1 kilometers of railway was built in one year under normal conditions, the Prophet found this 150 kilometers with the hadith sheriff. Already Abdulhamid said this. Let us start this and said that Allah and His Messenger are our helpers, and indeed it has been. ”
Explaining that this road appears as one of the reasons for the outbreak of the First World War, Gezici continued as follows: “It reached 1 kilometers in a year under that desert conditions and this road was used for 288 years from 1908 to 1918. 10 thousand people were evacuated in sending the soldiers there, in the rebellion of the rebels, in the sending of the works known in the Topkapı Palace, which Fahrettin Pasha founded as sacred relics. Some of them are used even today in this way only from Medina-i Münevvere. The width of the rails is 40 meter and 1 centimeters. ”
Gezici emphasized that opening an exhibition on Hicaz Railway in Kastamonu saw that he was still hiding these receipts when he wandered some old antique dealers, “I also bought a few receipts from these antique dealers. Starting from here, I started working. An English writer says, "We couldn't imagine, they did." This is such a big project. He still has not lost its importance. ”
Explaining that the Hicaz Railway project cost 4 trillion TL, Gezici continued his words as follows: “But these moneys came from many countries from the Ottoman lands, from India. For example, India provided 40 thousand liras for this project with the money of that time. All such Muslim countries have sent aid. The sultan started this project with 50 thousand liras.
A large number of aid went from Kastamonu. Looking at the receipts
Kastamonu people helped the most. For example, in the 3-cent receipt seen here, someone named Mehmet from the Kurdeşe village of the Kuzyaka township of Kastamonu helped. It is the donation of Sariomer from Yanukzades of Gölkö in 1 cent aid. ”
Gezici said that medals were given to those who donated a lot of donations and said: “Like nickel, silver and gold. We have a silver medal. As of 1908, 3 thousand kilometers have been considered within the project. It starts in Istanbul, continues to Madinah, from Madinah to Mecca. In our country, it follows Izmit and Konya road from Istanbul. From here on to Damascus later includes Jerusalem, Madina-Al-Münevvere and finally Mecca. ”
Pointing out that the pilgrimage was held by horse until the 1840s, Gezici said: “Hajj was reached in 6 months. In other words, there is 6 months going and 6 months coming. About a year is about being healthy with a pilgrimage. He could not go to the pilgrimage beyond the age of 40 to the age of 50. Why, because 4 horses were changed until the pilgrimage. There are so many bandits in that area, the bandits we call terrorists today are cutting the way, robbing the pilgrims, and robbing the pilgrims has become a profession for Bedouins. The caravan between Damascus and Medina-i Münevvere was reached in 40 days. This road has been reduced to 3 days by train. Going to pilgrimage is now a child's play by train. Tents are built on their trains. Drinking tea from the samovar. When he wrote as a pilgrim in the tombstones in the 1700s and 1800s, when he passed by that tombstone, people would definitely respect and respect the honor of the Kaaba-i enormousness. ”
Noting that the British could not act as they wish in the Middle East, Gezici said: “Even today, the British are not dominant in the Middle East. Americans today, the British of that day, aim to break Iraq, and direct Saudi Arabia as they wish by establishing small states. If the caliph could reach there, if it could secure the rate, it would not be possible if it served people. The Ottoman Empire never oppressed the people within its borders. No Ottoman would settle for such persecution. But we see it today. The importance of the Syria, the events in Iraq, the situation in Libya, the Hejaz railway are understood more and more. Ahmet Rıfat Pasha says: 'The place you cannot reach is not yours' It is a very correct statement. Here the sultan wanted to reach and reached. Abdulhamid Han made the incident that no one could even dream of. Doing projects that other states cannot dream of
important. This is the purpose of the empire. Many states have been established in history. But the number of empires does not exceed one hand. That's why the British opposed the Hejaz Railway here. But they did not succeed to some extent. ”
Explaining that a number of issues have been discussed about Hicaz Railway in the past years but no steps have been taken, Gezici continued his words: “It is requested to revive the Hicaz railway. 10 years ago, the train track in Medina-i Münevvere was repaired. It had to be repaired. I saw a thesis in Mecca, where I went to Umrah in 2008. As the Hicaz railway project. She made a lady named Zeynep from Saudi Arabia. He says: 'Master's thesis on Hicaz railway. He tied the end of the thesis like this. "This railway, built by my grandparents, must repair grandchildren," he finished. We have such a task. Of course, we have to fulfill this task. We cannot have anything with Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Palestine. They are Muslims, we are Muslims. All believers are brothers. That's it, we have to continue brotherhood. If we do not follow this rule, if we do not do this verse, the mischief, mischief and other states will benefit from it. They both use our money and use us. When our expiration date has passed, they will throw aside. As in Libya today, as in Syria, as in Iraq. Only the Saddam Hussein incident in Iraq is an example. The Gaddafi incident is an example. Muslim should not be used. Must not be used to work your mind ”
Drawing attention to the fact that the Hejaz Railway was built in a different way than all the railways to date, Gezici gave the following example from the report prepared by the German writer Robert Hicards: “Hamidiye Hejaz is the only country in the world that is perhaps free of debt, interest-free and completed when it is completed. it is the railway. It is a confession that the real virtue is to admire the adversary. ”
"The love of the prophet is very high in Ecdat," said Gezici, "Kastamonu Municipality supported us in this respect. We planned to open the Hicaz Railway exhibition. The opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday, 10 August 2012, at 14.30:10. The exhibition, where some original documents related to Hicaz Railways will be presented to the public for the first time, will be open to visitors in the Municipality service building between 17-XNUMX August. We are waiting for all the state officials to our exhibition. The love of the prophet and the love of the Kaaba is great in Kastamonu. We hope that more exhibitions will be visited than we expected. We thought about this for Ramadan.

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