Moderators Demand Changing the Railway Route

The oppressors demand the replacement of the railway route from the district center to the ini S yolu.
Naim Aslanmirza, Chairman of the Board of Printmakers, AA correspondent, said the railway line passing through the district center is very active.
Elazığ, Diyarbakır-Kurtalan-Batman and Tatvan-Van-Iran railway lines on the route of Elazığ-Yolçatı merged with the route from Baskil to Malatya, describing Aslanmirza, the daily minimum 24 on the route said that the train service took place.
Aslanmirza, the line made in 1934, because of the slope of the land in the north-south direction of the town center by drawing olm S az said by expressing, said:
Ik It is obvious that the people of the district are constantly exposed to train noise, considering that the 24 train passes the 'S' letter from the district center on a day-by-day basis as if it is exploring the district and the passage can be as high as the average 30 for passenger and freight trains. The population of the district is affected from this noise physiologically and psychologically in terms of quality of life and working performance. We are under a blockade of iron. It is an obstacle for the construction of urban renewal projects as well as noise and noise pollution. In addition to these, the railway divides the district center into parts and automatically closes the direction in which the district can develop. Bunlar
-The renewal of waste will save money-
Today, the technology of the railroad passes through the south of the county, indicating that they do the study of the lionmirza, a new line to be made in the south of the district of the district if the direct passage of trains 'S' letter in the form of the 14 kilometer shortened to 6 kilometers will fall.
Aslanmirza said, leri This will save energy and time, and the maintenance costs of the line will be low. We should not overlook the contribution of these benefits to the national economy. Bu
Aslanmirza stated that they want to change the railway route, and said that they expect sensitivity from politicians and bureaucrats.
The local people also asked to change the line, arguing that the railway route was scattered, disrupting the integrity of the district and causing noise and image pollution.
Meanwhile, 2009, published in the 2 of the Social Sciences Journal of Firat University. In the scientific publication entitled baş Problems Due to Natural Environment Characteristics in Baskil Basin and Suggestions for Solutions ın, it is stated that the base of the basin where the district center is located starts from the thousand 450 meters in the north and goes down to one thousand 100 meters in the south.
In the publication, fark There is a difference in elevation between 350 meters and the lowest area of ​​the basin floor. Therefore, the slope at the bottom of the basin finds 7-8 from north to south. The curved shape of the railway passing through the basin, similar to the letter 'S', is the result of this situation un.

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