Before high voltage line is now also concrete beam

After the collapse of the power line of TEDAŞ, the energy lines that feed the trains of İZBAN fell on the same line, this time the 17 ton concrete beam fell on the railway. İZBAAN passengers carrying thousands of passengers on the 80 kilometer line every day since the launch of Aliağa and Cumaova were outraged by unfortunate malfunctions in recent days. On the other hand, due to the fact that the high-voltage line of TEDAŞ ripped off at the 07.25 ranks the previous day and fell on the kataner system that provided energy to the trains of İZBAN, the flights stopped. Due to the failure of the stations occurred in the accumulation of masses, citizens reacted to the situation. After hours of work, the fault was corrected and even though it was partly started, the accident occurred in the 02.00 ranks next night.
During the viaduct works that will connect Evka-5 neighborhood to the ring road by subcontractor company on behalf of Highways Regional Directorate, while the concrete beams were placed on the bridge legs by crane, the steel arms called ka boom X were broken. 100 meter-long concrete beam with 30 meter and broken arm of the 17 tonne crane fell on the İZBAN train line. Due to the heavy boom and concrete beam that weighed tons on the rails, some citizens thought it was an earthquake. During the work on the columns waiting for installation Xnumx-year-old Enver Khan, work accident after being stranded on the viaduct. Kagan was rescued by fire crews from the scene.
4 ton boom arms were cut with the welding machine after the rails were removed, while the work carried out to remove the 17 ton beam lasted until the first light of the morning. Even during the night, electricity could not be supplied, and in the morning, a single line transportation was started on the line such as 07.00. İZBAN officials, starting the morning at 07.00 single-line transportation at noon returned to normal and double-line transportation began, he said.

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