The density experienced in metrobuses will be solved by radio ring

Faced with great criticism due to the intensity of metrobuses, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is starting a new application. In the study, which Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş described as 'historical', a radio ring will be established between the buses and empty metrobuses will be sent to the very crowded stops and the citizens will have a comfortable journey.
About the new projects for public transport Topbas, the number of metrobus in the city will not increase the number of metrobus because it will create greater distress at the stations, he said.
Pointing out that the number of metrobus roads can become clogged and the system will not work, Topbas emphasized that they are working on a management style of the BRT system only. Mayor Topbaş stated that they have created a new electronic control system for the solution of the density and problems experienced in metrobust, and they are aware of the congestion and they are about to activate an intelligent system that will guide the traffic.
“We will establish communication between the buses by establishing a radio ring. We are planning a command and control center that controls only the BRT line. With this system, we enter into a historical study by seeing the crowds on the screens and sending empty buses to very crowded places.
We also have other system work on metrobus. We are currently carrying passengers in the test drive on the Beylikdüzü Metrobus line. It is not finished yet, escalators and elevators, assemblies continue. If you are paying attention, we were able to make stations more convenient as the area was more suitable. Hunters have also turned into a good station, the previous he mayhem is over. For buses, complaints are coming. In the world literature, it is normally 12 bin or 15 per hour to carry passengers with buses. We 33 thousand people. I mean, it's not the bus. It needs to be a light metro and rail system. Because 35 bin, 50 means thousand passengers light metro. Çünkü
”Bridge does not allow rail system“
Stating that they are also planning to turn the metrobus into a tram or electrical system, but this event may cause problems in traffic, Topbaş said, “When you convert the metrobus into a rail system, you cannot cross the Golden Horn Bridge. In addition, viaducts must be built on the bridge. When you come to Zincirlikuyu then you cannot cross the bridge. Can it go partially by charging electricity? But can we build bigger long buses or interconnected buses like train or train, as examples in the world? We are always working on them, ”he said.
”Mobile phones will detect the stop“
In parallel with the renewal of the buses, they have started the smart stall project.
“We are building such a system that your phone will detect the bus stop. When you write down the place you want to go, your phone will tell you how many buses you need to take from which stops. You will see how many minutes the bus will arrive at your location. You will learn which transfers to use and in how many minutes you will reach your destination.

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