Metrobus related problems do not stop complaints

Not a single day passes when we do not receive complaints about the BRT. The endless intensity of the passengers is now annoyed. Various methods have been tried in the name of a solution for years, but they just do not work… Istanbulites continue this fast but painful journey. Moreover, the only problem is not the crowd in the vehicles. Not to mention the problems caused by the stops and the overpasses… Now, we will discuss one of those station problems today. The crisis in Vatan Metrobus Stop… In fact, it is not clear whether this is a stop or not.
The incident is: First a little reminder for those who don't know. Vatan Metrobus Stop, the previous stop from Edirnekapı. Actually it would be more accurate to say 'so-called stop'. Because there is no metrobus stopped here. A station has been built, but what is the story? Especially in the morning and evening hours, many passengers are waiting here, even an agglomeration is happening. Metrobüs drivers do not stop despite all the people waiting at the stop.
Those who shake hands, whistle, and jump on the road are not enough to stop the drivers. According to what the passengers who came to this stop and failed to get on the metrobus anyway, there was an accident here recently… A rapidly advancing metrobus was hit by a citizen trying to stop the metrobus. It is so strange that the stop is neither canceled nor used. If it's out of service, why isn't it shut down? If there is no service, why do metrobuses pass? Could someone answer these questions?

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