How secure is the path to Metrobus?

In recent times, metrobus accidents, metrobus due to the vehicles entering the line and metrobus line due to the loss of the steering of drivers due to various accidents, metrobus road barrier separating the barrier and separating power of the barriers that draws the written proposal on the agenda of the Parliament draws the IMP Parliamentary Assembly Serdar Bayraktar, Member of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Kadir Topbaş said, BB What are the basic reasons for the recent incidents of incidents involving BRT? Is there a study on the strength and barrier properties of the barriers separating the road via Metrobus? Questions were asked.
CHP's Bayraktar asked: "How safe are the barriers that separate the metrobus road and the highway?"
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) CHP IMM Council Members Serdar Bayraktar, Dr. Prof. Dr. Hakkı Sağlam and Tuncer Özyavuz signature and President Kadir Topbas' written reply to the Presidential Authority unanimously referred to the question was mentioned in the motion;
“As is known, he had a deceased accident during the dismantling of the old bridge in Avcılar recently. Also, recently, various accidents have occurred due to the vehicles entering the metrobus line and due to the loss of control of the drivers in the metrobus line. Since the metrobus line is on the main transportation demand route and in order to respond to all of this demand for structural reasons, high capacity is tried to be achieved with high attention and organization effort, and the transportation demand is tried to be responded by challenging criteria such as vehicle frequencies, vehicle speeds.
Tir It is understood that the high capacity of the Marmaray project and / or the opening of new parallel BRT lines will enable the high transportation demand in the east-west direction to be met. Also; In addition to the magnetic guidance system that monitors the magnets on the road surface with the sensors on the bus, the technical studies and applications on the tracking system of the video tracking system and horizontal guide wheels and the concrete guide road borders on the camera mounted on the front of the bus recorded important technical developments. In this context;
1. What are the main reasons for the recent occurrence of accidents related to metrobuses?
2. Are there new metrobus lines parallel to this metrobus line? Are there additional lines to the Hadımköy-Mahmutbey line mentioned in the Transportation Master Plan?
3. Is there a study on the strength and barrier properties of the barriers separating the road via Metrobus?
4. Are there any studies on the application of bus guidance systems in metrobuses?

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