Medvedev to visit Russian Railways mobile medical train and university

📩 24/11/2018 21:50

Prime Minister Dimitriy Medvedev will visit Omsk in the next few hours.
Medvedev's program includes meeting with railway workers, the mobile medical train of the Russian Railways and a visit to the university. A conference is held at the university where railway tariffs are discussed.
Medvedev will also visit the historic Omsk Castle to celebrate the city dwellers.
The city of Omsk celebrates its 5th birthday on 296 August. The celebration program is very satisfying.
One of the highlights is the show show of the group "Avtorodeo" with sports cars. In addition to this, the competition "The strongest person of Omsk" is also worth noting.
At noon, a spectacular parade of city dwellers was held on Sobornaya Square. In the evening, there was a ceremony of brides in Lenin Square.
Green Buildings ”Flora 2012” exhibition was opened as part of the celebrations in Omsk. In addition, the "Movie Stars of Russia" and the ballroom dance festival started. A film festival is held in the Dostoyevsky Museum, and an exhibition of rare photographs of Marilyn Monroe was opened in the museum.
Celebrations will traditionally end with fireworks at Omsk Fortress and on the Irtisskaya shore. City dwellers are not content to celebrate Omsk day only in the city center. Concerts, shows, competitions are held in almost every district. It is reported that everything is going well for now thanks to the sunny weather.

Source : the turkish.ruvr.r

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