Marmaray excavations have reached the end stage

Stating that the Marmaray excavations are about to come to an end, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Topbaş made important statements concerning 2,5 million Istanbul residents.
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, said that nearly 50 architecture offices received files for the mosque project to be built in Çamlıca.
'This is a very good number, there are those who want to contribute to the mosque. Drawing a mosque project is the heart of every architect. Of course, I would like to have my signature on a mosque project. '
Marmaray excavations at the end of
Giving information about the works in the Yenikapı excavation area, which is the most important stage of the Marmaray Project, Topbaş reminded that the footprints of people living in the city 8 thousand years ago were found in the excavations last year.
Stating that the excavations in the layers where the footprints are located have come to an end, Topbaş said that by the end of August, the excavation point in Yenikapı will be entered.
Stating that the installations of the Golden Horn Bridge are currently underway, Topbaş said:
“In order for the metro that will pass from Levent direction to Taksim to reach Yenikapı, that station must be finished. Because that region is the knot point of rail systems in Istanbul. Approximately 2,5 million people will pass through there daily. This region, which we consider as a node, is the meeting point of the east-west, north-south axis and an important point. Therefore, Marmaray must be finished. "

Source: AA



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