Waiting times at Antray stops are too long

Within the framework of the new arrangement made by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality on public transportation routes, the application brought by Antray for harmlessness and the use of the citizens by the citizens is being harassed by the citizens of. Antray Kepez from the direction of the city to move to the point of waiting for the citizens of Antray waiting for a long time because of the waiting time is long. Many people waiting in the hot hot weather on the itinerary, where the number of minibuses and bus schedules are reduced, revolts against the irregularity of waiting times. Occasionally, Antray arrives with the 5-6 minute interval, and at times the daytime clock 15-20 comes to the point of rebellion. Not only in working hours, but in the evening after the 20.00-20.30 and then waiting to be held long, waiting to call citizens to be sensitive to the authorities. Citizens who pointed out that there are more frequent flights to the city center from Kepez to Kepez, 'Waiting times for Antray flights from Kepez direction to ket center should be taken down. At the same time, the number of minibuses and minibuses going to the Sharps Line should be revised. There are failures in the application. Let 15-20 wait for the daytime, so that it can find 40-45 minutes in the evening. The authorities should find a solution to this situation and review the waiting periods. No one has the right to make us a victim. We are late for places to go ”by the Metropolitan Municipality, Transportation Inc. and UKOME officials.

Source : I akdenizgercek.co

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