Waiting times at Antray stops are too long

Within the framework of the new regulation made by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality on public transportation routes, the application brought by Antray in order not to harm and to be used by the citizens, victims the citizens who use between Şarampol and Çallı. Citizens waiting at Antray stops at the point where Antray moves from Kepez direction to the city center have a hard time due to the long waiting times. Many citizens who wait under the burning heat on the route, where the number of minibuses and buses are reduced, is rebelling against the irregularity of the waiting times. Antray, which sometimes comes with an interval of 5-6 minutes, sometimes comes to the point of rebellion when the day comes at 15-20 minute intervals. Citizens who complain about the long waiting times not only during working hours, but after 20.00-20.30 in the evening, call on the authorities to be sensitive. Citizens also pointed out that there are more frequent Antray flights to Kepez direction from the city center. At the same time, the number of minibuses and minibuses going to the Shampol line should be reconsidered. There are some problems in the application. Let it wait 15-20 minutes with daytime, 40-45 minutes in the evening. Authorities should find a solution to this situation and review the waiting times. Nobody has the right to victimize us. We are late for the places we are going to ”, Metropolitan Municipality, Transportation Inc. and called on UKOME officials to take office.

Source : I akdenizgercek.co



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