Tax and incentives law for logistics centers need to be prepared immediately

President of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union (NCCB) President Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, the Ministry of Economy, the legal ground for tax centers, tax advantages and incentive instruments, including a law should be prepared and implemented urgently, he said.
Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan advocated the establishment of a logistics center in Trabzon with a press conference held at DKİB Headquarters. Pointing out that the Ministry of Economy has activities for the center, Gürdoğan stated that on-site inspections were made in the Hong Kong Port area.
Examining the current status of Hong Kong, opportunities and competitive advantages with Turkey Gürdoğan Referring to a report prepared containing the comparison, "the tax advantages they contain, as highlighted in the report, which has become a major logistics base by promoting instruments and regional locations for logistics in Hong Kong and Singapore models of Trabzon There is no reason why it should not be implemented in. ” said. Gürdoğan said, “On the contrary, our city of Trabzon, which currently has the opportunity to ship goods from China to European countries via container line in a minimum of 40 days, can become the supply and transfer center of Europe, Russia, Middle East and Asia geography. . To this end, a law on logistics centers that includes the legal basis, tax advantage and incentive instruments should be prepared and put into practice by our Ministry of Economy. ” he spoke.
Turkey is the world container transport from the only President DKİB attention vengeance 1 percent share Gürdoğan added countries of Europe and with its unique location between Asia and to benefit more from this pie in Trabzon great importance to the words that supply the establishment of a logistics center.

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