Harmful requests from the Assembly

There are interesting applications to the TBMM Petition Commission.
Many citizens apply to the TBMM Petition Committee for different reasons, from asking for a single ward in prison to closing the entertainment centers on the street or to the farmer who cannot reach his field due to the high-speed train and double road.
While it was seen that most of the teacher candidates applied to the commission, the primary demand of the teacher candidates was the abolition of the determined 40 age limit in order to be a teacher.
As they could not find a job, they applied for the registration of convicts and those who wanted to withdraw from citizenship applied to the Commission. All applications are examined and finalized by the commission.
Convicted for a single room
A convict who stayed at the Sincan No. 2 F-Type Closed Prison applied to the TBMM Petition Commission when his request to move to a single room called "isolation" was denied. In his petition, the convict described the rejection of his request as "discrimination" against him.
A letter was requested from the Ministry of Justice for the convict whose petition was examined by the Commission. In the incoming letter, an investigation was opened by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office due to the complaint petition of the said convict, and as a result of this investigation, the convict was injured in the room where he was staying on March 30, 2011, and he was taken to the hospital infirmary for treatment, so that he did not harm him again at the end of his treatment. It was stated that he was taken to his room. At the end of the investigation, it was noted that there was no evidence that the officials of the institution battered or mistreated the named person, and it was understood that the convict was doing this to move to a single room, so there was no need for administrative investigation about the officers of the institution.
“High speed train slows down the traffic of the grassland”
A citizen from the village of Demirköy in the Pazaryeri district of Bilecik complained that they could not reach their fields and pastures as a result of double road and high-speed train works. The citizen stated that the agricultural and livestock activities in his village were negatively affected due to the high-speed train and double road works, and asked that the problem of transportation to the fields and pastures be solved by making underpasses and level crossings.
Talatpaşa pavilions on the agenda of the Commission
Pavilions on Talatpaşa Boulevard, one of the old entertainment centers of Ankara, were also complained to the Parliament. 154 signed petitions of a female citizen collected by the TBMM Petition Commission. With the claim that it disrupted the public order and prevented the right of people to live in a healthy environment, it was asked to move the casinos and pavilions in Talatpaşa Boulevard and the businesses that buy and sell cars in this region from the residential area to another place.
Within the framework of the report, a sub-commission was formed upon the said petition; Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Çankaya and Altındağ municipalities from the Talatpaşa Boulevard these entertainment centers to move to a suitable location was asked to start infrastructure work.
"Let the convict be registered"
A citizen asked for the "termination of the occupation" by demolishing the mosque housing and charcoal land on the title deed. However, the letter from the Ankara Governorate noted that the parcel belongs to the Treasury and was allocated to the mosque.
The bride, who claimed to be charged by the state, applied to the commission, even though there were two more siblings of the debt of the father-in-law.
A citizen who stated that he was a ex-convict showed that he could not find a job and that the convict was not registered due to the low penalty. For citizens who apply to the Assembly Petitions Committee, the Commission asked for information on the subject of Turkey Business Council Headquarters. The institution reported that the petitioner would be assisted by business consultants.
A former convict, who claimed that his siblings had set up a "conspiracy" for him, asked for help from the commission, stating that they had been disturbing his spouse and himself.
"How do I get my legacy from my grandmother in Syria?"
A citizen who applied to the Parliamentary Petition Commission to resolve problems related to the estate inherited from his grandmother within the borders of Syria, asked for help.
As a citizen said that he wanted to be naturalized again because he was expelled from Turkish citizenship, another citizen applied to the Commission with a petition to exit the Turkish citizenship.
A citizen who stated that it was difficult for him to raise the payments of the house from TOKİ every 6 months, also asked for help.
A citizen who sent a petition from Manisa also asked the Commission for cash to make a domestic engine.
Another citizen who sent a petition from Eskişehir claimed that poplar trees were harmful to health and applied to the Parliamentary Petition Commission to cut all poplar trees for this reason.

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