Land swap was performed between TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality

The road problem of 30 in the Food Bazaar in İzmir Yenişehir has been solved as a result of the land swap between TCDD and Metropolitan Municipality. Binali Yildirim, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications visited the bazaar and Aziz Kocaoglu, the mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality (CHP), heralded the start of the work. I This is a small but meaningful business, kolaylaştır said Minister Yıldırım, who said that the cooperation of the institutions facilitated the lives of the people living in the city.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD exchanged approximately 20 acres of land near the bazaar in order to relieve the entrance of the bazaar. As a result of the swap, the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir will make the necessary road to the TCDD land market and TCDD will realize the high-speed train project on the land purchased by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.
81. Binali Yıldırım, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, came to İzmir for the opening of İzmir International Fair and İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu gave the award.
Minister Yıldırım, Izmir Governor M. Cahit Kirac, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, visited the Food Bazaar Management. Speaking during the visit, Minister Yildirim, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD has agreed to swap the land, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's exit of the bazaar to the bridge, he said. Stating that the cooperation of the institutions facilitated the lives of the people living in the city, Minister Yıldırım said:
Oldu It's also a small but meaningful business. The process was not completed yet, but we said that we should start without waiting and we started the work. One more problem has been solved. Similar work is done in Işıkkent Shoes Store. There was also a distance between İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Highways. There are problems in metropolitan cities. Development, new urbanization, infrastructure problems. If the population movement continues to come, it is difficult to resolve these problems if the infrastructure continues without the preparation of the infrastructure. However, both central and local governments are working in a sincere way to overcome them. Fakat
Minister Yıldırım said that the road to the Food Bazaar will be on the same route with the high speed train line, the road corridor will be opened after the exchange, and the high speed train will be taken to the underground and the project will be completed after the completion of the project. Stating that the tender for the necessary bridge was made on August, the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoğlu said, ih There is no objection yet. I hope not, and the process does not grow. When the process is completed, we start construction. On the other hand, we need to use the land of TCDD as a road. For our high-speed train, we have to give our land to TCDD. We agree. Due to the delay in the project, we stayed. Now, with a preliminary protocol, the TCDD is already ready for the road project when given the conditional permission given to us from the TCDD land to be made to the main protocol. In that road project, we are in a position to complete and complete the 14 days with the construction facilities. We'il make the road before the bridge. The bridge is also used when the construction is finished Köprü.

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