Security Work on the Railway Bridge Built by Kocaeli B.B for Access to the Beach

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which adds vitality to the region with its renovation work at Derince-Tütünçiftlik and Körfez Yarımca coast, continues its efforts to facilitate transportation to the Gulf district center. Within this scope, the Metropolitan Municipality, which makes a bridge over the railway to provide transportation to the coast from the district center, is working to ensure safe transportation on the bridge. Barrier system and anti-icing pavement work was carried out on the new bridge that will facilitate access to the coastal coastline, which has gained a new image with the studies carried out in the coast and its surroundings.
Access to the beach, which will serve as a rest and parking area, will be provided by the new bridge over the railway. The work initiated by the Tütünçiftlik minibus stop was followed by a secure barrier system, railings of the bridge and a follow-up line for the disabled. In the winter months, paving blocks were prevented to prevent icing. Bridge walkway and electrical illumination and road lines made of 37 meter-long bridge, two-way to the beach began to provide access. The bridge is on the way.
On the other hand, 29 pile piles were put on the vehicle bridge which was opened to service recently and 78 special prestressed concrete beams were used. The bridge used by pedestrians is illuminated by electric poles. When you cross the coastline from the bridge, you will be able to reach the desired direction by the side roads that will extend in the east-west direction. Derince and the Gulf district to connect with the sea bridge, will provide access to the new coast.

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