Karabuk University Will Do The Test Of The Rails Produced By KARDEMİR

Karabük University (KBU) Rector Prof.Dr.Burhanettin Uysal stated that they have opened Rail Systems Engineering and the rails will be tested here.
Stating that the tests will be tested at Karabük University, Rector Uysal noted that not only tests, but also new product searches will be made. Rector Uysal stated that the Iron and Steel Institute has reached the stage of completion and said:
“Outer coverings are being made, I hope we will finish this towards the end of September. Building the building is an important task, but getting technical equipment inside is a much more important task. We have made an international tender and we have tender all the devices inside, we will bring our devices and assemble them with the completion of the building. What was the purpose here, our priority was to test the rails produced by KARDEMİR abroad. We will have carried out the tests accredited in our country, the lack of laboratories related to Iron and Steel, and I hope that we will have conducted the tests we have said this year. We will not only perform these tests, but also search for new products. Production of iron from ore is not to sell, but to make this urea more valuable. Iron and steel mills gave too much contribute to the development and industrialization of the Republic of Turkey since the establishment of the young republic. As Karabük University, we will continue to contribute to this contribution made by Demir Çelik factories from now on. ”

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