Kadıköy-Metro line opened, Ankara residents are still waiting

Looking at Ankara 18 for a year there is a meter subway, and if there is Godliness, needs care. Why isn't the question of why the neglect has not been completed?
Or coming; but Gokcek's work is said to be passed.
Gökçek, always show the cause of the debts of the first metron, "We can not make a new debt, 1.2 billion dollars are needed, we can not get up as a municipality," he sits behind the reasons.
Finally, it was transferred to the Ministry of Transport, because the work could not be overcome.
Meanwhile, how many billion dollars have been spent on other jobs stopped… “Kartal-Kadıköy Its subway ”increased to $ 2.5 billion. It was successfully completed without handing over to the Ministry.
Well, how does it work in Istanbul and not in Ankara? So, for the metropolitan cities, it wouldn't be a billion dollars. Im The bride who can't play, I dunge.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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