Kadıköy Kartal Metro will contribute to Anatolian Side tourism

Timur Bayındır, TUROB President, 'Kadıköy - Kartal Metro will increase the quality of life by providing faster and civilized transportation. ''
Kadıköy - Timur Bayındır, President of Touristic Hoteliers, Operators and Investors Union (TUROB), who said that Kartal Metro will make a significant contribution to the hotels of the Anatolian side, whose number has increased rapidly in recent years, emphasized that transportation and traffic comfort are extremely important in the development of tourism potential of cities. Bayındır continued as follows: 'The Anatolian Side is slowly starting to move in terms of tourism. Sabiha Gökçen airport has undoubtedly added significant momentum to this region.
Kadıköy - We are very pleased that the Kartal metro has been completed as an extremely important investment in both the solution of Istanbul's traffic problem and the increasing tourism activity of the Anatolian side. We think that the Sabiha Gökçen-Kartal connection should be given priority in order for this line to be even more efficient in terms of tourism. '
Bosphorus traffic should be used effectively
To relieve traffic, until Marmaray goes into service, Kadıköy- TUROB President Timur Bayındır, who stated that Eminönü Bosphorus traffic should be used more effectively, Kadıköy He added that this line, which connects the historical peninsula with the city in 20 minutes, will serve for longer hours and it will be beneficial for tourism.

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