Kadıköy-Kartal metro will carry 700 thousand passengers a day

Kadıköy-It will reduce the transportation time between Kartal to 32 minutes and even 700 thousand people can travel per day. Before the opening, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş said, “Our target for 2014 is to carry 230 million passengers with a 5-kilometer rail system, and to reach 2016 million passengers daily in 7”.
The first metro of the Anatolian side, 22 kilometers and 32 minutes of transportation time Kadıköy-Kartal metro consists of 16 stations. The line with a length of 48,572 kilometers is 1,6 billion dollars. With the extension of the line to Kaynarca, the length of the line will reach 24,5 kilometers, and the cost will reach $ 1,9 billion. 144 wagons were purchased for the first metro line of the Anatolian side. Even all the vehicles to be used have the feature of driverless use. There are also intermediate passageways between the wagons that provide the opportunity to cross each other. In addition, homogeneous distribution of passengers in a train consisting of 4 wagons will be possible.
Wagon with features such as heating, cooling and ventilation will be monitored by closed circuit camera system. With the dynamic road map in the wagons, the passengers will be informed about which station the vehicle is going to and the points of transfer to other transport systems. Each vehicle has an 8 passenger information screen (LCD display) to inform passengers and to be used for advertising purposes.

Source : www.aksam.com.t is



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