Kadıköy-Kartal metro came, minibus lines remained

Kadıköy-With the arrival of the Kartal metro line, Harem-Gebze lines cannot find buyers. Minibus shopkeepers who do not know what their fate will be after the subway comes into service, complain about not owning them. Citizens who want to lift their minibus lines are happy to come to the subway.
The first subway of the Anatolian side will be opened on Friday with the participation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Even though the metropolises were delighted by the citizens, the 60 made the minibusist tradesmen working on the Harem-Gebze line up for years. There is even a minibus near the 400. Some use their own vehicle; some of them are drivers at the minibuses. After the commencement of the subway service, the rumor of the Gebze-Harem line will be lifted.
Even the 25 in question in this year, who shook the steering wheel Çetin Kaya argued that they were not owned. Even the service of the dolmuşlerinin uncertain of the future of the rock, Kaya Metro is coming, where the car is not certain where to go. When you say minibus, they see us as a bogeyman in society. These people serve from the morning's 6 to the night's 12. One day they come, you ask whether we have a problem. It's a shame if it's lifted. 3 thousand people eat bread from these vans. Minib he said.
Once the dolphin lines, which are once 700 thousand pounds, could not find a buyer. The guy can't pay his debt here. Line prices have fallen. 700 was around a thousand pounds. Lines are not sold. Hat Kaya, who also craftsmen in the artisans' chambers, said, “These people sucked our blood like a vampire. No one came and said, 'Doesn't the problem of this minibus?' We work the longest. Does this endure? Where do we go? Don't you have one who owns us? We beg Allah. ”
Mesut Bedir, who has been working as a driver for 15 years, is looking at distributing the vehicles running on the Harem-Gebze line to other lines. He did not want the future of the line to remain uncertain., It is not clear what will happen to us after the subway arrives. There are 132 lines on the Anatolian side. One by one, our victimization will resolve. Our remaining vehicles can continue to work between Kartal and Gebze. This can be considered as a solution. But what the mayor of our municipality says will help us, but the heads of the room does not help us. Bize He said.
Although the Harem-Gebze minivans want to continue working, passengers do not share the same opinion. A citizen waiting for the minibus at the station, bir These are traffic monsters. I try not to use it as much as I can but I use it quite mandatory. They stack people like a stack of fish. They don't fit the races. The guys are facia. Ades
A woman passenger waiting at the bus stop at the bus stop, üs I think should be removed. Very disrespectful to people. A lady's purse was stolen. They didn't call the police. They dragged her. K
Fuat Erman, who thinks that minibuses cause noise pollution, said, aç The most important thing for the community is the disappearance of noise. It's a big problem that the buses cannot take passengers comfortably at the stops of the minibuses. It's a pleasing development that the metron will be in service.

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