Kadıköy- Eagle metro with 29 percent discount until 50 October

Opening will take place tomorrow KadıköyThe proposal for citizens to use the Kartal metro line until 29:24.00 on October 50 was accepted.
On the fourth day of the Metropolitan Municipality Council Meeting, the opening of the AK Party council members will be held tomorrow. Kadıköy- The proposal made by citizens to get on the Kartal metro line until 29:24.00 on October 50, with a XNUMX percent discount, was voted on.
The motion was unanimously accepted.
Metropolitan Municipality Council AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Ergün Turan, in a statement to the AA reporter, will open tomorrow Kadıköy- He said that the Kartal metro line was activated.
Noting that the proposal they submitted to reduce wages by 29 percent from the day of the start of paid transportation in the metro until 24.00:50 on October XNUMX, was accepted by the Parliament, Turan continued as follows:
“We made a decision for our citizens to benefit from a 29 percent discount from the beginning of paid transportation until 24.00:50 on October 50. Whenever paid transportation will start on the metro, citizens will be able to get on the metro with XNUMX percent discount that day. Kadıköy-Kartal the metro, one of Turkey's most important investments made so far. It is a very important and modern investment realized with the resources of the municipality. I hope it will be a great development when it integrates with Marmaray. We made the proposal regarding the discount, by meeting with our Mayor Kadir Topbaş and our group so that our people should get used to the subway in a festive atmosphere.

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