Izmir's cable car project does not end before 2014

Explaining that KİK canceled the last tender, Eroğlu stated that the firm applied to the Council of State and the Council of State found the company justified, “Whatever is done, it does not seem possible to open this place before 2014. Because there are constant cancellations. I mean, even if this nobody is sorry, this business does not go with these bureaucrats. If a tender is canceled three times, don't they say to the man, 'Friend, what are you doing?' he. If this facility was open in time, I would not be a victim either. Many people would also eat bread from here. Moreover, I was paying 17-18 thousand TL rent to the municipality every month. Imagine that we paid 550 thousand TL in rent in three years. In other words, the municipality has earned this money ”.

Source : I www.egedesonsoz.co



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