Izmir's ropeway tender turns to tangle

Ankara 14. The Administrative Court stopped the decision of the GCC to cancel the tender in February 2012. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in the preparation of the tender did not receive the financial offers of the participants İdare
The tenders to rebuild the ropeway facilities with modern technology were confused. Until today, the renovation of the cable car plant has been postponed twice.
On February 2012, the tender was awarded to STM System Ropeway Assembly and Tourism Inc. which has the lowest bid of 10 million 225 thousand TL. Doppelmayr, who gave the highest bid in the tender, objected to the JCC. The JCC, 9 canceled the tender in April on the grounds that the approximate cost calculation of the municipality was inaccurate and it should be calculated on unit prices.

He sued, joined

Upon the cancellation of the tender, the Metropolitan held a new tender in 2012. Three companies, STM Teleferik, Doppelmayr, Leitner as well as a Batholet, participated in the tender. STM System, which won the tender which was canceled by the JCC, also participated in the new tender, and on the other hand, filed a lawsuit against the JCC with the request to stop the execution of the decision and to cancel it. Ankara 14. The Administrative Court stopped the unanimous decision by the JCC. The court ruled that the renovation of the ropeway was a featured job and that the method the municipality had implemented in the approximate cost calculation was correct. While the decision of the JCC was canceled, the Metropolitan Municipality did not receive a financial offer in the new tender.

The JCC will also appeal

JCC, Ankara 14. The Administrative Court of Ankara will appeal against the decision of the Administrative Court. The final decision will be given by the State Council. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will continue the new tender in this process. Ankara Regional Administration and the Council of State will wait for the final decision. If the JCC decision is canceled, the result of the first tender will be valid.

Capacity to fold

With the renewal of the cableway facility, the 400 2 will be upgraded to 400 per hour, and the 300 bin 500-600 will increase to 4-8. 12 or XNUMX cabinets will be used instead of XNUMX passenger cabinets. In the new ropeway line, the ropes will automatically stop and there will be immediate intervention.

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