Additional Train Scheduled to Izmir Denizli Railway Line

maritime izmir railway
maritime izmir railway

📩 07/05/2019 00:08

Additional train services to Izmir Denizli Railway Line: State Railways Izmir Regional Directorate due to the intense interest in the Izmir-Denizli line has put additional train services. New expeditions were added and their timings changed

State Railways, which have moved in recent years, continue to renew existing railway lines and trains. Citizens also prefer the train which is more comfortable with the improvements made and the prices are suitable. TCDD İzmir Regional Directorate renewed the railway line between İzmir and Denizli. Due to the renovation work for a long period of time, certain sections of the closed line began to serve again. The officials of the State Railways Regional Directorate put new trains on the Izmir-Denizli line due to the intense interest in the train. Due to new flights, the current train services were also changed. TCDD is trying to announce the changing of train times to the citizens with the banners prepared. Citizens are informed with the posters hanging at various points of the district.


TCDD Izmir, which deals with the construction of the İZBAN line, made changes in the train services due to the intense interest in the Denizli Denizli line. With the new trains, which are placed on the Izmir Denizli line, which is preferred by many citizens, it is ensured that the citizens reach the place they will reach more comfortably. The new trains are air conditioned and have been designed in a very modern way. Following the TCDD arrangement, 16 has determined the new times as of August:

Direction of Izmir at Nazilli

  • 07.13 08.37
  • 07.41 09.54
  • 09.20 12.16
  • 11.47 16.42
  • 16.12 17.33
  • 18.17 19.11
  • 21.03

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