Renewal of the Izmir-Aydın railway is on the agenda

Turkey, which is history's first railroad was built and now the track of the same in İZBAN İzmir-Aydın railway line renewal on the agenda. The rails and sleepers will be renewed and modernized.
Turkey's first railway, which 130 kilometers length izmiray you have the renewal of the railroad came to the fore. In İzmir, where a second line is installed due to the İZBAN project, it is planned to reconstruct the 80 kilometer which will be used by the high speed train. With the opening of the İZBAN line, the number of passengers will increase. 156 annual IzmirAydin railway is being cared for every year, eliminating the possibility of a potential danger. Nuri Öncü, the director of İZBAN TorbalıCumaovası project, said that the Ministry of Transport and Communication is planning to completely renew the historical railway. Some planning is being done in this, Bun he said.
Founded in London with the capital of 1 million 200 thousand, the Ottoman Railway Company of IzmirAydin demanded concession for the construction of the railway by applying to the Ottoman in 23 February 1856. Kumpanya stated that İzmir is a very important port, there are many camels for transporting goods in the region, and the first railway to be established in the empire will be a sample for others. can be moved. The railway, which will start from Izmir, will be 70 English miles long and will reach Aydın. He would build the necessary bridges, culverts and tunnels for the road, and would lay a telegram along the line. In order to realize the construction, he would have the right to use the forests, stone and coal mines on both sides of the line and the mines he would need.
Railway history in ANATOLIA 23 In September 1856, the first railway line, the 130 kilometer IzmirAydın line, started with the first dig of a British company. The concession was transferred to the 'Ottoman Railway to Izmir from Aydın N company in 1857 during the time of Mustafa Pasha, the governor of İzmir. Thus, the first railway line in Anatolia, the 130 kilometer, was completed in the period of Sultan Abdülaziz in 10 with a year-long 1866. Full 33 year, the Ottoman Sultan Sultan II. For the railway line in his memoirs, Abdulhamid said: k With all my strength, I accelerated the construction of the Anatolian railways. The aim of this road is to connect Mesopotamia and Baghdad to Anatolia and reach to the Persian Gulf. This has been achieved through German assistance. Formerly, the decaying grain in the fields is now in good form. Our mines are supplied to the world market. A good future for Anatolia was prepared. Although the big states do not want to admit, the importance of these railways is not only economic but also political. Her
Built on the 156 year ago, this historic railway now also witnesses a historic event. Starting in 1856 IzmirAydın railway; It is the first railway company in Anatolia. İZBAN Inc., which will provide service on the same route, carries out a modern suburb business and performs a first in the Anatolian territory. This line will be extended from Aliağa to Torbalı.

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