How much money was spent on Izmir and Istanbul subways?

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan inaugurated KadıköyEagle Eagle Metro Sözcü It was also on the agenda of Necati Doğru, the writer of his newspaper. On the corner KadıköyComparing Kartal Metro with Izmir Metro, Doğru, while İzmir Metro's kilometer is costed 56 million, Kadıköy- He stated that the kilometer of the Eagle Metro costed 140 million. True, he wrote his article, "Is the big difference being the stake thrown for the people of Istanbul?" He finished with the question.
Sözcü journalist writer Necati Doğru, in his corner Kadıköy- He compared the costs of Kartal Metro and İzmir Metro.
True, who stated that the kilometer of the metro built by the Istanbul Municipality costed 140 million TL, and that the kilometer of the metro built by the Izmir Municipality cost 56 million TL.
Izmir Municipality made a subway. EVKA 3-University, Üçyol-Üçkuyular, 2 lines total 8 kilometers. It costed 450 million TL. Its mileage is 56 million TL. Istanbul Municipality made a subway. Kadıköy-The eagle line. Its total is 22 kilometers. It cost 3 billion 100 million TL. Its mileage is 140 million TL.
Towards the difference between the price of two metro right, the corner asked the question.
The technology is the same, the quality is the same, the tunnel gallery drilling is the same, the wagon is the same, the electrification systems, rail steel, the station standard is the same. What İzmir Municipality costs 56 million, Istanbul Municipality costs 140 million. Is the big difference being the stake thrown for the people of Istanbul?
Necati Right, Kadıköy- The pro-media, which carried the opening of the Eagle Metro to the newspaper pages without research, also criticized the press.
The ruling municipality had written a press release in the hands of journalists, and they wrote the propaganda for money, which they put in the most precious place of the first page the day before, to its readers as a full page, the prime minister's news. Feed press does not worry. Doesn't mind to compare. He writes whatever is given to his hand. The journalist is also curious. How much did the Metro cost per kilometer? Is it made expensive, is it cheap?

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