İZBAN discussion continues to grow

The IZBAN discussion between the AK Party deputy Aydın Şengül and CHP İzmir deputy Alaattin Yüksel continues to grow. Şengül, who announced the figures yesterday by sending a written statement to the media, said, “I will leave the task to show that TCDD invested 1.7 million TL, not 7 billion TL for the Aliağa-Menderes line. I will resign. "I will leave the parliament," said CHP invited Yüksel to resign. Stating that the figures given by Şengül do not reflect the facts, Yüksel said, "Aydın Şengül did not make a proxy."
Şengül explained that TCDD has made an additional investment of $ 322 million on the existing line for the Aliağa-Menderes Banliyo Line (İZBAN) and on which items the expenses were made. Şengül stated that the total expenditure of 2 billion 317 million 200 thousand dollars made by the distribution of expenditures is 1 billion 790 million dollars by TCDD and the share of TCDD in the total project cost is 78 percent and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is 14 percent. Addressing Yüksel, Şengül said, “It is obvious that State Railroads for Egeray do. The politician will hear his mouth. Anyway, politics will not be forgotten tomorrow. It will be the promise of your word. If he spoke a word, he will do whatever it takes, regardless of price. I leave Mr. Yüksel's situation at the discretion of the public in the position of resignation. ” Şengül said, “Let the CHP mentality stop running away from its responsibilities by costing the government of their own incompetence.”
“Is there any money Ataturk has paid?”
Regarding the statements of Aydın Şengül, CHP Izmir Deputy Alaattin Yüksel said, “Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, 'I will do this project with my own resources.' He said this by thinking about the difficulties that might arise in the future. They founded a 50 percent partnership with TCDD so that İzmir could win a work. They made an agreement while this company was founded. TCDD allocated the train line for 49 years. So he rented to the Metropolitan Municipality. The municipality will make all the expenses related to this rapid rail system, and in return the line will be rented. This happened. I guess, in the figures announced by Şengül, he also included the money Atatürk paid for nationalizing the French railroad. He has written all of the expenses made from the beginning regarding the construction of this line. You already have to deliver the line completely. Metropolitan Municipality built the infrastructure-superstructure facilities. 650 million TL was spent. There is nothing to discuss here. The longest rail urban transport system in Turkey is engaged in İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. He did this with his own resources. ” Yüksel said, “We said we bought the trains. İZBAN partnership is halved. Symbolic capitals were placed. With this partnership, credit was purchased and trains were purchased. Delays were made to take trains. Currently, only İZBAN does not work on the line. Passenger and freight trains are also running. May Allah not allow me to do Aydın Şengül-style politics. He gave me 565 thousand Izmir votes and appointed a proxy. Aydın Şengül did not make me a deputy. ”

Source: New Asir

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