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Yesterday I went into shock by reading his explanations about the solution of the traffic in Istanbul Turkey's Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim newspaper. Because the Prime Minister Erdogan's Sincan Autonomous Region and China, I had the opportunity to chat a lot in the journey that I had a very different in the conversation that we offer in our conversation in the day was very different, has conveyed a different project to reporters. In my meeting a few months ago, I had to; Dir We are the biggest ones in Bahçeşehir. Why this area is perceived as out of town and why these tolls still do not get up! Ve; "You're right. We get too many complaints from that area because of the tolls. We have an intention to move forward, but let's see. We're working on it. God willing, we will implement the application that will please you as soon as possible! Ed Yıldırım said today; Ecek Certain days the last digit of the license plate number will be allowed on the single and certain days of the pair. And the entrances to the city center will be paid as in London. Also parking prices will be taken very high! Ayrıca
No lie, Yildirim's statements are both broken. I'm very sorry.
I felt like I was being fooled.
While waiting for the removal of the current toll booth Yildirim'ın Istanbul 's all the outlets' mercenaries' we say because he was a complete disappointment.
Here is just to remind him of our conversation in China, and, of course, I called Binali Bey to say, "Let it be love".
Iniz Good luck with your new projects in Istanbul! Single-double plate.
And you have a lot of inedible projects on top of it, and you've got inedible projects! Because; Anım No original primers Sevilay Hanim! Completely incorrect information. The report is nothing but a false reflection of the reporter's reporter! Gaz said Minister Yıldırım.
Then he told us a long time.
Iftar came together with reporters following the ministry's work on Friday evening. If I didn't understand it, there were close members of the 40, including those working at Anadolu Agency. It was a chat. When it comes to traffic in Istanbul, the methods of how to solve the traffic in other cities of the world began to be discussed. Bey I gave examples, dim says Binali. "From London. New York. From Shanghai. The friend of the news report that he wrote the examples as projects for Istanbul. It has nothing to do with it! What pair, what a fuck! What a mercenary entrance to the city! Turkey news of a single newspaper reporter, of all the reporters were not astonish us in this way! "he said.
He was a little bored.
Because the news of the newspaper began to turn on the internet like me; "Haydaaaa!" He wrapped.
By the way, I reminded him of another word he gave on the Chinese plane.
Iş It's all right! Do not worry! Once again we were happy to say that we're handling!
I didn't get permission from Binali Bey but I'm sorry I couldn't stand it anymore to keep this inside more.
I have to write.
I'm so happy. I was happy. I would like to enjoy the people of Bahçeşehir, Beylikdüzü, Avcılar and Büyükçekmece.
The train is coming.
Sirkeci-Halkalı the last stop of the suburban train between Bahçeşehir will hopefully!
Knowing knows. The line extending from Sirkeci to Kapıkule passes through the middle of Bahçeşehir. There is even a station in place. Ispartakule!
The station, which is called pond, is located around the station. There are large areas available for parking.
Currently Sirkeci- Halkalı line in maintenance. When the train is accelerated and the rails are creaked, it will be possible to reach Sirkeci from Bahçeşehir in 30 minutes. It will reduce the traffic density of the region.
After the project has been implemented, I don't want to ride. I go to the station Gider
I leave my car in the park and I will give my book or my newspaper, and I say Sirkeci!
Living in London was the transportation vehicle I enjoyed most. Mis… Clicking tık Traveling in confidence gibi
It is very exciting to me to believe that pleasure will be relived again.
I wanted my neighbors to enjoy the joy and excitement I've had.
Our eyes are enlightened, our train is fast, people!

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