Interesting action of a group of women who cannot ride the metrobus

A group of women who could not get on the metrobus, marched in the direction of Avcılar, starting from Çağlayan.
Metrobüslerde every day of the people's reaction to the events of the public reacted by showing the action.
A group of women who could not get on the metrobus for an hour due to the accident that happened on the Golden Horn Bridge the previous day, started from Çağlayan and walked towards Avcılar.
According to Zaman newspaper, the group walking in front of the Metrobüs, metrobus line has created a tail of kilometers.
The Zincirlikuyu-Avcılar line came to a halt of about 20 minutes.
The metrobus chain, which started from Zincirlikuyu, extended to Halıcıoğlu. Passengers getting off the metrobus used alternative stops.
It was also observed that some passengers walked from the iron grids between the strips, disregarding their safety.


Günceleme: 26/04/2019 22:45

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