Domestic Railway Industry Is Forming, Foreign Dependency Is Decreasing

After half a century of neglect, the last 10 year, as in the first years of the Republic, the railways were re-considered as state policy and the mobilization of the railway was initiated. The most important indicator of this is the 2003 million TL in 483.
We cooperate with the domestic and foreign private sector for the development of the forward railway industry. HACON in Sakarya (Turkey), ASAS (Turkey), EUROTEM partnership with HYUNDAI-TCDD rail vehicles factory was founded. Marmaray sets are still produced in the facility. In cooperation with TCDD, Fast Train Scissors Factory (VADEMSAŞ), Erzincan Rail Fasteners Factory and Sivas High Speed ​​Train Concrete Traverse Factory were established in Çankırı. For YHT lines, KARDEMİR rails are produced.
Strategic cooperation was made with the Machinery Chemical Industry Institution in order to produce the wheel sets that were supplied from abroad until now in Kırıkkale.
As a result of the efforts of the establishment of the local railway industry, foreign dependency will be eliminated and our country will be exporting its products in the region.
2023 targets of TCDD 10. It is determined in the Transportation Council. Important decisions were made in this Shura and the transportation system was mapped. In this context, 2023 billion dollars of 350 billion dollars will be made to the transportation sector until 45 will be made to railways.
In this context; - Construction of a new high-speed rail network of 2023 thousand kilometers by 10. 2023 thousand kilometers of 5 to be constructed in the conventional new line. Some of these are planned to be implemented by build-operate-transfer (BOT) model.
As a result, our Republic 100. When we reach the targets in 2023 year, our country will have a modern railway system which is the dream of Great Leader Atatürk.

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