Expropriations begin between Sapanca-Köseköy for high-speed train construction

Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train project 2. In the Vezirhan-Köseköy stage, which is being constructed within the scope of phase construction, expropriation plans were prepared in the section between Sapanca-Köseköy, which has not yet started construction. According to the plans prepared, the expropriation process is planned to start soon. In the high-speed train line, the new Sapanca station is located between the 122 and 120 kilometers of the project. Köseköy is on the 101 kilometer. There is no tunnel structure in the distance of 21 between Sapanca and Köseköy. The 9 kilometer east of Köseköy has a bridge named VK-1. Km: 114 VK-2, Km: 116 VK-3 VK-1.5, even the new station to be built at the west of the new station to the west of the new Sapanca YHT station VK-4 is located. In summary, there are total 21 bridges between 4 and Sapanca-Köseköy.

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