Gursel Tekinden Metrobus praise

📩 25/11/2018 13:31

Gürsel Tekin from the CHP darkened his eyes for his candidacy for the IMM Presidency. Tekin said that he found Metrobus useful. Gürsel Tekin, who joined the CHP staff again after his resignation, made important statements to Zaman on many issues, from the fights within the party to his candidacy for Istanbul.
Indicating that members of the CHP from different parties played a role in the process that led him to resign, Tekin said, “When these friends did their practices in the CHP where they came from, a problem occurred. But now there is no fight. " said. "Do you have a dream to govern Istanbul?" He gave a clear answer to our question: “Of course there is. Istanbul is important for every politician. Mr. Topbaş is a very kind person. We worked together for 5 years. I enjoy racing with him. "
I was offended by KILIÇDAROĞLU and resigned
Gürsel Tekin is one of those who marked the last 4 years of the CHP with both his expansions and resignations. Tekin, who became an important political figure with the openings towards the conservative segment before the local elections in 2009, rose to the second manhood of the party after Kılıçdaroğlu became the leader. However, with the shaking of the balance in the party's administrative staff in the following process, he suddenly found himself in the seat where the responsibility of the organizations and the media took over. Especially because of the alleged friction with Erdogan Toprak on May 3, 2012, "I am offended at Kılıçdaroğlu." he resigned. It was said that the reason behind the fight was Istanbul. However, Kılıçdaroğlu brought Tekin to the same post after the congress by establishing the balance in the party administration.
After this difficult process in the party, Gürsel Tekin made important statements full of self-criticism to Zaman. Tekin clarified the reasons behind his resignation. He did not name it, but pointed to the names from other parties who joined the CHP:
“We have many friends from different political parties. When these friends made their practices in the place they came from within the CHP, problems arose. I also rebelled against internal party fights. But now there is no fight. A very good team was formed with the quick wit of Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu "
Perhaps the most curious subject about Tekin is whether he will be an Istanbul candidate in local elections. He spoke very clearly:
“I have a dream to govern Istanbul. Istanbul is an important place for every politician. It is unthinkable that Istanbul does not exist in my mind. But this does not mean that I will be a candidate. The important thing is who wants Istanbul residents. Otherwise, you will be a candidate and then you will measure your height. In the 2009 local elections, Baykal said 'make your preparations'. However, Kılıçdaroğlu appeared in the public opinion polls. We also brought this suggestion. Mr. Topbaş is a very kind person. We worked together for 5 years. It is quite normal to have a claim. I enjoy racing with him "
He said it was very important for Turkey's secularism. However, the priority of the poor citizen, not secularism, business and love was passed.
Tekin said, “Some of our friends did not take a tomography of the society. CHP should appeal to all segments. CHP is not a seasonal party. Those who fought for power within the party for years caused great damage to the CHP. Those who question the AKP today need to question themselves. Our friends struggled with each other for 30 years. There was a power struggle within the party. I hate internal party power. This does not satisfy me either. I want to come to power in Turkey. 89 years, 75 percent of the municipalities in Turkey in our hands. But unfortunately, we handed over Istanbul, Ankara and many other regions to the AKP due to internal quarrels.
Gürsel Tekin, one of the most popular politicians of recent years, said that he received transfer offers from many parties.
Tekin said, “Offers come to politicians. I received offers from AK Party and ANAP. But I did not accept by saying 'the stone is heavy in its place'. " used the expressions.
Tekin is not against metrobus, which is an important transportation vehicle for Istanbul. But he says the best choice will be the metro:
“Metrobus is not a bad thing. Should continue. But the subway should have been built before the metrobus. You are sick. Then you apply chemotherapy. Metrobus is a chemotherapy treatment.

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