The demolition of the buildings parallel to the railway line in Gaziemir pleased

The alternative road which will allow connection to Konak, Buca and Beyazevler and Çeşme highway from Sarnıç was removed. Without going to Akçay Street from Sarnıç, the buildings that were in front of the road that would allow connection to Konak, Buca and Beyazevler and Çeşme highway were destroyed.
9 September District Coal Mine was built after the destruction of the buildings on the 351 street, expropriation and legal problems. Mayor Halil Ibrahim Senol started the destruction in the 9 Eylül Quarter, which was set up by Gaziemir center with the launch of IZBAN.
Mayor of Gaziemir Halil Ibrahim Senol who started the destruction of the construction machine, CHP Gaziemir District Chairman Umut Tekin, Municipal Assembly Vice President Yilmaz Ağırtaş and council members Tahsin Çuhadar, Ömer Koç, Ali Kaya, Vice Presidents Mehmet Tuncer and Mustafa Duman did not leave alone.
Stating that the work of the alternative road will take place as soon as possible, Mayor Şenol said, “There was a delay due to the landlords going to the courthouse for some of the buildings expropriated here. With the opening of the alternative road to transportation, the long-lived big problem in the 9 Eylul Neighborhood will end. It will be much easier for the people of the neighborhood to reach Gaziemir and Izmir. ”

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