Tram work turned suffering in Gaziantep

Gazianteplılar municipality initiated and ongoing months of tramway refrain from a kind of work. Before the arrival of the Prime Minister in Antep, the voiced roads are made within 2 days, citizens want to end the work as soon as possible
Citizens, who say that they have to travel long distances because of the tram works, are experiencing a separate ordeal with the bridge junction project. The 4 Karatas line works for more than a year have been going on for more than 1 years. While the artisans stated that they were unable to work due to the studies, university students complained about having to pass through the school road in dust, smoke every day. Some tradesmen are unable to do business because the workplace is completely closed, some reduce the number of employees. Reacting to the very slow pace of the work trades Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan just before the arrival of the AKP Provincial Congress of bad roads in the 2 days, fast recalling, "We 8" 9 months are attracted to this place, "he says.
One of the tradesmen who complained that the municipality didn't ask them anything when they realized all these projects, said: gerçek Our business has fallen. 8 employee 4'e fell, X he says. After laying the tram line, the same trades stating that some places were built and rebuilt with the bridge junction project, Tram Isn't Yazık? Who is going out of his pocket? Bu he asks. After these projects, a shop stating that some shopkeepers closed the shopkeepers, many workers were removed from the workplace and the shops around the place where the work was closed.
Tramway and Bridge crossing projects that make the President of the Metropolitan Municipality Asim Guzelbey said that traffic from Gaziantep in April, 2013 will relax by tram, many routes on the tram line and the 3 bridge junction project will solve the problem, said the majority of the traffic. Güzelbey asked the citizens to be patient if it was about the victimization of the tradesmen and citizens because of the works.

Source: Evrensel Newspaper



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