To all ESHOT officials

I live at Bostanli Sehitler Boulevard. I work at Alsancak. I use Bostanlı Ferry Port for transportation. Sometimes it is İZBAN. But reaching to Alsancak with İZBAN takes more time with the new change. My main complaint is that I wanted to express my services to the citizens before ESHOT.
Efficient line changed
* Line 487 Karşıyakaon the way to Demirköprü'ye Bostanlı Martyrs Boulevard was using the route. When the railway was closed to traffic, it started to leave Girne Boulevard. Those who lived in Bostanlı for a long time became victims. Since this route was arranged every half hour, those close to the station used this line because they knew the bus hour. If you look at the occupancy statistics, you can see how this line works efficiently. Now, instead of this line, number 122, Karşıyaka-Schemics are in place. However, since there are no easily divisible hours into 20, such as arrival and departure times every half hour, 15 every minute, and 60 every minute, the 1-2 travels with the person, sometimes empty.
Pass through Bostanlı
* All of the buses from Bostanlı Pier to Mavişehir were passing through Bostanlı. They changed their direction and started to leave the beach. Those living in Bostanli were victims. At least the 227 Mavişehir line could go through Bostanlı. If you say there is a traffic problem, if you do not allow cars parked in the second row in front of Is Bank, you will remove the table-chairs that the tradesman sets out and you will have to park the car in the station.
Trips are irregular
* To solve this problem, you put line 822. When he was first put up, he got up every half hour and started his voyages. The people in Bostanlı started to use the line according to these hours. The departure times were then changed to one 35 per minute. Then the clocks changed again. Please take a look at the statistics of subsequent applications with your first application (half an hour). What time will the people wait at the stop for the unknown line? It's going down and down.
* I do not understand that İZBAN's Menemen-Cumaovası expedition should be transferred to Alsancak.
The main complaint issue
Now let me come to my main complaint:
* The departure times of the 447 Evka-6 line departing from Bostanlı Ferry Port, especially after the departure of 17.00, do not meet or meet the Alsancak-Passport ferry service. When I reflected this situation to the officer of the motion before, the answer was, di What do we do, the time has come Daha. Sometimes the 447 Evka-6 bus is moving from the passport to 18.30 and the ferry departs from the ferry port. I call it incompetence and unscrupulousness.
The worst thing that comes to my mind is this: The officers and drivers in this movement are not satisfied with the existence of the existing municipality and they are not directed to harass the people to come to the party in their thoughts.

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