East Black Sea Exporters' Association delegation goes to Hong Kong

The delegation of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (DKIB) is going to Hong Kong between 13-18 August.
Mr. Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, Chairman of the Board of NAMIB, made a statement on the visit and reminded that the efforts to establish a logistics center in Trabzon continued at full speed. examining our efficiency in project work is one of our most important goals. In this context, 13-18 August 2012 dates back to Hong Kong, which is one of the most important logistics centers in the world. Negotiations will be held with important logistics companies whose appointments are made by the Ministry of Economy and the logistics center we want to perform in Trabzon will be promoted Ekonomi.
Gürdogan, Far East trip 'Eastern Black Sea Region Export Export Companies in the context of the Export Capacity of the Project' within the scope of the tea companies in the region this year, the 4.
On the other hand, the Hong Kong International Tea Fair was one of the most important tea fairs in the world with 312 booth exhibitors and 10 bin 422 commercial buyer visits last year.

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