Eagle-kadıköy Avrasya Metro Group, which made the information announcement for the metro, welcomed

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Kartal-Kadıköy He stated that the announcement for informative purposes for the metro is among the duties of the Metropolitan Municipality determined by law, and that the ads were given to 20 newspapers and the budget was covered by the Eurasia Metro Group, which made the metro.
In a written statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that some issues related to the articles published in a newspaper on 20 and 21 August were to be taken into consideration.
In a statement, KadıköyIt was stated that the Eagle Metro was the biggest metro investment in the history of the republic and that it was financed entirely by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.
“Placing an informative advertisement for this great transportation service made with the money of Istanbulites is among the duties of the Metropolitan Municipality determined by law. There are still those who have not heard of the tunnel roads that were opened 4 years ago and are used by thousands of vehicles every day. In order for Istanbul residents to benefit more from the transportation services that are provided as a solution to urban transportation and bring serious relief, promotion, announcements and announcements are required in many channels. Informing is essential for the investment to respond to the need and to make it available to everyone. Promoted Kadıköy-The advertisements of the eagle subway, Sözcü It was given to a total of 20 newspapers including the newspaper. Its budget was covered by the Eurasia Metro Group, which makes the metro, and all newspapers have had a low cost. Media outlets add great value to our city and our country Kadıköy-Kartal subway advertisements have been published considering their public interest. ”
In the statement, which stated that the metropolitan municipality announced to the public not only metro investments, but also all expenses, “Investments are under the control of the Court of Accounts. "We are constantly sending the Information Cards catalog, which includes the investments of the Metropolitan Municipality, which has realized its budget with 97-99 percent, to the deputies and media members."
In the explanations, the following statements were made:
"KadıköyWith the completion of the Kartal Metro's Pendik Kaynarca access, excavation-reinforced concrete-electromechanical system-stations and wagons are 3 billion 100 million liras. Its average cost per kilometer is about 117 million liras. We know that the costs vary depending on the route, the international conjuncture to the system, and the state of the economy. As a matter of fact, the new tender of Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe subway has a lower cost of kilometers.
The international credibility of the metropolitan municipality, which has been audited by the Court of Accounts, has audited international audit firms voluntarily, has passed the GCC audits and declared all information without request, the international credibility of the metropolitan municipality can be borrowed without seeking a treasury guarantee. We are witnessing Istanbul, which has developed with an investment of approximately 52 billion TL and competes with world cities.

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