Haydarpaşa station is at the top of the world's 11 coolest train stations

📩 25/11/2018 13:18

Transforming the Culture Center's Value contemplated Haydarpasa Train Station in Turkey do not know, still the world's pupil.
The American internet newspaper Huffington Post selected the 11 coolest train stations in the world. There is no ranking, but Haydarpaşa Train Station is at the top of the list.

Haydarpasa Train Station, Istanbul, Turkey
Situated on the Asian side of the Bosporus Haydarpasa, until recently, was Turkey's most heavily used train station. The building, which resembled a cathedral in appearance, was built by German architects Otto Ritter and Helmuth Cuno at 1908. Unfortunately, the roof section of the city's icon was damaged in a fire last year.

Central Station, Antwerp, Belgium
Central Station, with its domed roof, iron and glass vaulted ceilings, looks quite Station adorned ve from an average terminal and also features a shopping center and 30 diamond shop.

Atocha station, Madrid, Spain
The first railway station in Madrid, opened at the 1851, has 16 million passenger traffic per year. And there's a botanical garden. Unfortunately, 11 is remembered in March 2004 with the bombing of a person killed near 200.

Southern Cross Station Melbourne, Australia
Southern Cross, one of Melbourne's busiest stations, draws attention with its futuristic design. A wave-like roof of the design of Nicholas Grimshaw looks both good and has a natural ventilation system.

Lowenhaus station, Innsbruck, Austria
The Löwenhaus Station, which is one of the four pillars of the interconnected railway station complex, is located between Innsbruck and Hafelekar mountains. The name behind the architectural concept is the famous architect Zaha Hadid.

Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal, Mumbai, India
Located on UNESCO's world heritage list, the station is the most heavily used station in India. Designed by Architect Frederick William Stevens, the building combines Victorian Gothic and traditional Indian architecture.

Strasbourg, France
La Gare de Strasbourg, built by the Berlin architect Johann Jacobsthal, is famous for its egg-like glass covering, which is more likely to be added to the building at 1883. This award-winning design consists of a curved glass panel with 2007 meters.

Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, Malaysia
Reflecting the Moorish style, this gar is more like a palace than a transportation center. ABHubbock, the construction of the station, completed in 1910. It can be said that the terminal that transfers some of its traffic to the new KL Sentral Station still remains important.

Cascada de la Macarena Station, Patagonia, Argentina
This station, called yolu terminal at the end of the world, ın is the last station in the southernmost railway network in the world. Previously serving the prison in Ushuaia, the station is now a favorite of tourist tours.

Tanggula Mountain Railway Station, Tibet
5068 m. this gar, the height of the world's highest station has the title. Located at the highest point of the Qinghai-Tibet railway station, the station connects Tibet with the rest of China.

Kanazawa Station, Ishikawa, Japan
Completed in 2005, both traditional and futuristic Kanazawa Station has a wooden roof with a glass roof, as well as a wooden 'Tsuzumi' door with traditional body-knotted, Japanese drums.

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