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The power lines of the high-speed train line, which is in service between Konya and Ankara, continue after the stop of the high-speed train at the Konya Railway Station and continue until the scissors section within the borders of Konya Railway Station. After the high-speed train, the high-speed train continues to attract the attention of the citizens. Konya gar officials, electrical wire extension is not a special reason, the high-voltage line continues to the scissor zone within the limits of the train station, he said. Gar officials said that the power line extending to the scissor zone could be made for the use of the power line extending to the scissor zone, considering the Konya-Karaman high-speed train project.
With the launch of the high-speed train line, which was completed between Konya and Ankara last year, railroad flights between Konya and Karaman were started in order to be able to reach Ankara in a more comfortable and short time. In order to make the transportation of Konya-Karaman railway more comfortable, besides the railways, construction of a two-way electrical signaling line between Karaman and Konya is planned. Environmental Impact Assessment process started in the project, will be completed in 2017 recorded. TCDD 6. The project, which is planned to be carried out by the Regional Directorate, will add another line parallel to the existing Konya-Karaman railway line. The investment cost of the project is approximately 156 million TL. With the project to be completed, 19 will be upgraded to 34 on the existing Konya-Karaman railway line. Accordingly, the number of the 15 freight expeditions will also be released to 20 at the end of the project. Considering the transportation network to the East via Konya-Adana-Malatya and Konya-Adana-Malatya and Syrian territory via Adana-Malatya, it was decided to make the existing railway line between Konya and Adana on 2 line. TCDD 6 is the first phase of the project. In addition to the existing Konya-Karaman single-track railway line between Konya and Karaman, the second line of 101 will be implemented. The second route will start at Konya Railway Station and end at Karaman Station.

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