Railways re-state policy was

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Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım, we have reached the performance of the first period of the Republic in the construction of railway lines. "You only need to be happy about this, you have to be proud".
General Directorate of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) said that the maximum speed given in recent years to the construction of new railway lines, "railroads, as in xnumx't onwards like the Republic's first year was again a state policy," he said. Minister Binali Yildirim, Erzincan Refahiye'da Culture and Honey Festival said:
Four solid railways were built
Al Four pounds of what they did without a single penny borrowed. We don't have a habit of separating people like that. This kind of evaluation, unfortunately, on the other hand, we see here an understanding that separates the nation from them and them. We accelerated the railway projects. It is an unfortunate period for railways up to 2000. More than half a century. After 2002, we have accelerated both railway projects and road projects to lift railways and highways. Why do you want to go on this? We have achieved the performance of the first period of the Republic. You just need to be happy, you have to be proud, you have to be honored. I don't really understand the cause of this indigestion. Ben
Trained here
Lightning voicing rails that used to come from Spain, but until the year 2004 the establishment of the republic of Turkey recalled that rail can not even an inch. Yıldırım said, Yıldırım It was almost like he was sentenced to a monopoly outside rail manufacturer. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the issues thoroughly. It is also wrong that the mechanics are trained outside. High-speed train drivers were trained here. But from time to time we are sending them to how other country practices are happening. Ama
How many tracks were laid
- The railway from the Ottoman Empire to the Republic; 4 thousand 136 mileage.
-1923 to X 1950: 3 bin 764 mileage; Average 134 mileage per year.
-1951 to 2004: 945 mileage; Average 18 mileage per year.
-2004 to 2011: Thousand 76 kilometers; Average 135 mileage per year.
-2011 2 78 XNUMX of the length of the ongoing lines of construction.
-2023 10 a thousand kilometers high-speed train until the 4 thousand kilometers of conventional line construction was planned.

Source: F5 News

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