Duck head with iron nets

Prime Minister Erdogan's speech at the opening of the Istanbul metro a while ago 10. He recalled the verse of the year's March, ağ Duck with iron nets Yıl.
"10. Year March; duck with iron nets. What did you think? Duran You're nothing, you're knitted. Hiçbir Erdoğan said, ”It was obvious that they were standing in the middle. now we weave iron mesh with Turkey, "he continued, saying the attack. Thus, Erdoğan has carried on his attacks on İnönü to Atatürk for a long time. In the face of the fact that this attack originates from an unwritten text, it will show in the coming days whether this is an ılar out of control “attack or the” systematic attacks Bu.
While there has not been a strong reaction to Erdogan until now, Taha Akyol, Sedat Ergin and Fatih Altayli have written to Erdogan in his column that they were injustice to 10 next year. Let; One of the most important problems during the War of Independence was the lack of Turkish technicians to operate the locomotives. The length of the railways, which are taken from the Ottoman Empire and belonged to the French, British and German, is 3836. While the rails belong to foreigners, most of the technicians who operate the locomotives are of Greek origin. This is the starting point at 1923. It was nationalized by the Republic of Turkey from foreign 3836 kilometers.
In his two-day article, Sedat Ergin put forward such figures that Erdogan must apologize from history, from the Turkish nation and from the spirit of Atatürk. The 1950 mileage road was constructed between the 2002-945 and the 2002 mileage between 2012 and 1086. So, the 52 is more than what's done in the year. In the 52 year of this 10 year, the late Adnan Menderes is in power, which the AKP is trying to portray as his own tradition. In the 8 year, the late Turgut Ozal was also in power. Let's write it down here.
Well, why didn't the 1923-1950 era be mentioned on the AKP website? Sedat Ergin found the reason for this on the official website of TCDD. 1923-1950 is built between 3278 mileage rail. The 3208 is 1940, 2. It was built until the start of World War II. From wherever you look, the figures show that the 1923-1938 is much more successful than the 2002-2012 on railway construction.
Moreover, it should be kept in mind that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk carried out all this in a country that had been wrong and destroyed and that the Ottoman state had taken over the debts. Just these? Atatürk's period is the period that laid the foundations of the industry in all impossibilities Turkey. A part of the former AKP Finance Minister who sold Şimdi like fathers “was carried out during the period of Atatürk.
CHP Deputy Aydın Dr. Leştirme 65 public share, 36 facility / operation, 8 port, 37 power plant, 1.998 immovable, 4 vessel, 10 mining site, 10 vehicle inspection services, Privatization machinery-equipment, fixtures, etc., in the inventory of the companies covered by the Company are privatized through the right to sale / operate. It is understood that the public shares in the 10 organization, the 6 cigarette factory, the 2 port, the vehicle inspection services are sold / transferred to companies with foreign capital or foreign capital partnership. As a result of this privatization, a total of 11.456.745.925 dollars were obtained from 35.249.991.022 dollar foreigners.
Atatürk and his friends had nothing to sell. 1923 year 94, while 1930 budget is 223 million TL, it is not possible for Erdogan to do what he did with much more possibilities and he could not. Erdogan may have turned his head thoroughly with 50% vote. It would be sad for him to enter a race with Atatürk even if he did not get% 50 but% 100 in the next elections. It gives history to some judgments. Ataturk, this is how the 1200 years later today is remembered by the Turkish nation and the name of the Turkish nation is given to the descendants of our grandchildren of descendants of our grandchildren will remember the same name and give their children. In a nutshell, fighting against Atatürk for Erdogan is a vain effort. He will be defeated.

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