Teams work on the railway has accelerated the work of getting underground

Kemal Unakıtan's Eskişehir deputy and the Ministry of Finance in the period of the construction of the railway to be taken under the underground project was started, the construction work began in the Sugar Factory region.
Works continued rapidly, the tunnel construction work came to the Baglar pass and was clogged here. The fate of the tunnel works, which could not be continued due to the Station Bridge in front of the tunnel, had returned to the snake story and the works had stopped completely. Due to the lack of agreement between the city's managers over two years in the Baglar passages, which was stuck in the work, finally began in the recent days after the protocol. With the resumption of the work, the work accelerated.
The completion of the alternative line required for the tunnel to pass through the Bağlar passageway has come to an end. The work is expected to accelerate in the next few days and the tunnel is expected to pass through Bağlar.

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