Coradia Polyvalent will be a favorite for passengers

Alstom Transport is testing Coradia Polyvalent with about 50 engineers and expert technicians to meet 3 conditions. The tests will continue on lines in the Czech Republic and France.
Alstom Transport operates in Turkey since the 1950s, on the latest addition to CAROD Polyvalent trains, regional trains to the product range began to study the dynamic test. Alstom Transport conducts the tests of Coradia Polyvalent trains at the Velim test center in the Czech Republic. It was informed that outside the Velim test center in the Czech Republic, tests were carried out at the Railway Test Centers (CEF) in Valenciennes and Bar-le-Duc, and on a French Railway Network (RFF) line section between Wissembourg and Hoffen.
In the tests, about 50 engineers and expert technicians from Alstom are working on the train in the preliminary series of 3 Coradia Polyvalent trains until the beginning of 2013 to fulfill the 10 conditions required by the contract. Before completing the trip, 10 regional trains will complete a total of 400 days of testing and 20 people from 200 different units will be assigned directly or indirectly, to complete the approvals and certifications required for the French Railway Safety Administration (EPSF) permit. As a result of this study, 500 documents will be prepared including test specifications, procedures and reports.
Stating that three trains belonging to the Czech Railways Research Institute have been operating in Velim since the end of April and there are two independent line sections, Alstom Transport officials said that these lines have a 90 km line section that allows a maximum speed of 4 km per hour and a maximum speed of 210 km per hour. He said that it consists of a 13 km long line.
These test lines, which are electrified in accordance with European standards, allow Coradia Polyvalent to be tested in all optional power modes, namely diesel, 1500V and 25kV draw frame system. These tests also help to qualify and validate the main functions of the train, such as electric or diesel braking and traction, air braking system, noise emissions, acoustic comfort and electromagnetic compatibility.
At the same time, two Coradia Polyvalent trains have been subjected to comfort tests in diesel mode in France since May 22, on the line section between the cities of Hoffen and Wissembourg. Test drives are carried out at a maximum speed of 100 km per hour and allow the configuration of the diesel draw frame system in different power pack configurations, from maximum power to reduced mode. The vibrations generated by the train and its equipment are measured using sensors placed throughout the train. All these tests are done at night to avoid affecting the commercial service. In addition, 10 of 6 trends are validated at Valenciennes and Bar-le-Duc Test Centers to configure Coradia Polyvalent's various devices and functions (traction / braking).
The tests are being carried out as part of the contract signed between Alstom and SNCF in October 2009 and financed by the French regions. The first contract includes the 100m-euro final order for the delivery of 800 Coradia Polyvalent trains. So far, a total of 171 trains have been ordered by various French regions. The framework agreement will eventually reach 1000 trains and a total volume of 7 billion euros. The first of the 171 trains will be delivered in March 2013, while other deliveries will take place gradually until mid-2015.
The world's across the country over 60 railway vehicles, infrastructure, information systems, services and turn-key solutions such as high-performance products Alstom offers a range of products in the field of Transport, at the beginning of the 2000s increased rail and urban rail activities in Turkey with system investments continues to develop and expand the project portfolio.
Strong demand came when we can manufacture in Turkey
Alstom Transport Project Director Jean Noel Duquesnoy "in Turkey, tram, subway, we closely monitor projects related to high-speed trains and signaling. whether or not the subject of on-demand production in Turkey. Although the investments for the railway in Turkey's recent market attractive primarily, hell of that planning needs to be done. As Alstom Transport, we have 9 factories in France, 2 in the USA and one in China, Italy, Algeria and Brazil.
The railway market was affected by the global economic crisis in 2010 and 2011 years. But the market is on the rise again. As Alstom Transport, we have made 5 billion euros turnover last year. We have been working for 200 years for Coradia Polyvalent trains where we invest about 3 million euros. Coradia Polyvalent trains 12 months 10 trains 500 hours we did the test. Our tests will continue until the end of December.

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