YHT Action from CHP in Etimesgut

The CHP is organizing a protest action Tuesday (August 26) to oppose the Etimesgut District Organization's High Speed ​​Train West Terminal and Maintenance and Repair Workshops project planned for the Sugar Factory land.
Etimesgut Station Street on the Emirler Railway Station 7 on Tuesday at 11.00 before the action to be held at the CHP Etimesgut District President Memet Yula said in a statement to our newspaper, "Etimesgut people tried to be demolished on the maintenance of our district is trying to be converted to the scrap heap. We won't let the Etimesgut turn into a scrap heap? said. Yula, all Etimesgutluları said they believed they would support them in these actions.

Source : www.flasgazetesi.com.t is



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