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📩 16/02/2019 07:56

Turkey's past and future; As the results are seen when filtering through time, the production and management differences of both times become evident.

HUMAN is one of the most important factors in the development of working life as technical and production. Although the fact that each employee's efforts bring about success and sacrifice successes, the reflections of competition between sectors on working and production capacity are the reasons that affect the employees. Both domestic and international relations of the growing business world provide faster and technical breakthroughs in the competitive environment, and all the developments make a great contribution as a product of Human Brain and Labor contributions.

Many companies and corporations known in the business world started out with a few people at the beginning of the work, they tried to take place in the market thanks to the sacrifices and perseverance of those people, they started to stand by facing all the hardships and difficulties and started to take big steps in his Dehas. Increasing the needs and the employment of people, self-sacrifice, bold steps forward to see the manager and employees are thanks to the clamping. From the lowest level to the top manager, it has been ensured that each individual has come to a place thanks to their sacrifices.
Growing problems and difficulties caused by growth and co-operation has been overcome through harmonious work; It is also a fact that the same spirit must continue after it has grown, and thanks to the experience and experience of growth, further steps are taken with the confidence of being an institution and production and employment are increasing.
It is seen that many institutions and organizations are still standing and standing up because of these elements, because when the reason of the collapse of many companies lost in a short time like the flame of straw, it is seen that the drunkenness of the triumph without the sacrifice and efforts of the people, and even the denial of these efforts are effective. This unfaithfulness, pushing the laddered people aside from these steps, and perhaps the collapse of personal and authority will prepare the collapse. You should know where you are from where you are so that you can see where you can go, if you have not realized them, if you forget those who brought you to these places, you will not be able to see a few steps away from the pit.

It must be kept in mind that it is an element that prepares the collapse of mankind and the future, so that these facts are the future of the countries like the institutions. The future of our country also depends on honey.

Source: Yusuf SÜNBÜL

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