Attention! These roads are closed to traffic in Bursa

📩 25/11/2018 13:32

While some streets and roads were closed to vehicle traffic due to the BURSARAY and T-1 tram line works in Bursa, alternative routes were also determined. Here are closed roads and alternative routes ...
BURSARAY station construction and construction of Esenevler Bridge which is continuing within the scope of construction works of 1.Bursaray Kestel line, has been closed to Ankara in a single direction between Ankara Erikli junction and Otosansit junction. The vehicles coming from the direction of Gürsu and Kestel are directed to the east near ring road as an alternative route, while service routes created in the direction of Gürsu and Kestel direction are used.
2. BURSARAY Kestel line Gürsu station and open-close tunnel construction Due to the work of Bursa-Ankara road between the Gürsu junction and Kestel Junction in both directions to the traffic between the traffic in the Gürsu Organized industrial zone is directed to alternative routes.
3. The Balıklıdere and Deliçay bridges on the Bursa-Ankara road Due to the expansion works, the traffic flow is provided as two-way and two-lane from the expanded South Bridges.
4. Bursa-Mudanya highway, Tepedevrent intersection-Güzelyalı junction Road traffic due to road expansion work is provided in two-way service paths created.
5. Within the scope of the construction of the T-1 tram line, the city has been closed to Stadium Traffic, Stadium Junction and Ipekiş Intersection in one direction, and the traffic has been directed to Tahir Cad-Anadolu Street and Darmstad Street:
6. Altınşehir Özlüce Road construction in Ertuğrul and Yüzüncüyıl neighborhood - Maintenance and paving works are continuing and traffic control is provided.

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