People's day stampede on the cable car of Bursa

After the feast, the Bursalılar flowed from the heat and flocked to Uludağ. Citizens who want to take advantage of the public day discount, 3 hours agreed to wait for the ropeway.
Bursa citizens who want to evaluate the holidays took the cable car. Citizens who want to benefit from the people's day tariff applied on Wednesdays, Bursa to get rid of the overwhelming heat of the temporary way to get rid of Uludag. Citizens who took the path of the cable car to go to Uludağ were shocked by the queue they saw. Citizens who want to go to Uludag, the queue, found about 100 meters. In recent years, Arab tourists who are in favor of Bursa, also took the share of the cable car.
Citizens, 'We wanted to go to the family Uludağ. We want to get rid of the overwhelming heat of Bursa, but we didn't know that we would meet so many queues. The effect of tourists and people's day in the formation of the long tail is great. We are expecting the cable car that is about 3 hours, Yaklaşık he said.
While the cable car runs nonstop, 15 pounds from adults on Wednesdays, 7 and 12 pays 7 for 50 pounds.

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